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MEAN GIRLS Is Full Of Easter Eggs From Nods o Broadway To Jokes About The OG Film – Take MEAN GIRLS Home On Physical Media On April 30

22 April 2024

With the new musical Mean Girls (2024) being the fourth adaptation of the story, it was bound to have countless easter eggs to all of its predecessors. From jokes about the OG film, nods to the Broadway musical and references to all things modern pop culture, here are all of the easter eggs from the musical Mean Girls (2024).  

The Necklace
Regina’s narcissism continues to be represented in the form of her jewellery, with Rennée Rapp’s character also sporting an ‘R’ necklace. It has been updated for modern fashion trends this time, however, with Rapp’s being half pearl, half gold, whereas Rachel McAdams’ was just silver.



The Nipple shirt
While the infamous cut-out-nipple top doesn’t have the same impact on North Shore High this time around, the shredded t-shirt still makes an appearance. This time, instead of Damian and Janice cutting holes in Regina’s vest, they turn the sprinklers on while she’s parading as the homecoming queen. Instead of making her look foolish, she whips her hair back and looks like she’s in the middle of a music video. Her wet hair and runny make-up “bring back the wet look”, and everyone at the school wants to steal the look. As for the cut-out nipple top, it makes a brief appearance when Karen showcases the vest as one of her Halloween costumes during the 'Sexy' song in the new film.



Thank U Next
During the music video for Ariana Grande’s hit single 'Thank U, Next', she gives a nod to the original movie by basing the video on the OG film. Specifically, Ariana performs the song while reenacting the Christmas show dance. The 2024 modern musical pays homage to Ariana by giving her a shoutout. While 'The Plastics' are performing their Christmas dance, Damien's character shouts in admiration from the audience: "Thank you, next!"



Ms Norbury and Principal Duvall
The original film hints towards a possible relationship between Ms Norbury and Mr Duvall through a few flirty back and forths. In the movie musical, it’s confirmed that Tina Fey’s character did end up marrying Tim Meadows’ character. During the gymnasium scene, Mr Duvall has an exchange with Ms Norbury where they make a deal; "If you take care of this, then I'll walk the dogs for the rest of the week." Then, in the scene where Ms Norbury is hosting the trust fall, eagle-eyed viewers can spot a ring on her finger, and on Mr. Duvall’s in the last scene, too. Does this mean that this is a sequel to the first film? Are they both in the same universe as they are continuing to develop characters? Are the events of the story just a crazy coincidental repetition? Who knows. 



French teacher
Mean Girls (2024) also has a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it appearance from a musical cast member. Ashley Park appears as the French teacher, tying her to her previous role in the Broadway production and also potentially references her character as Mindy Chen in Emily in Paris. As one of the original Broadway cast members in the movie adaptation, Park has had success in both musical theatre and television, and she also appears to be mimicking Regina’s wet look after the dripping mascara and wet hair trend goes viral.



Lindsay Lohan cameo
Lindsay Lohan herself cameos during the Mathletes State Championship competition at the end. Angourie Rice, who plays the new Cady in the movie musical, said that Lindsay's cameo “meant so much to me. It is such a rare experience to really get in the head of a character and then meet someone who’s done the same thing. Just to have that shared experience, it means a lot.” We see the OG 2004 Cady Heron judge the new 2024 Cady's 'Mathletics' competition, adding to the speculation that this film takes place in the same universe as its predecessor. She could’ve easily grown up to be a Mathletics judge! When the competition goes to a draw, Lohan’s Cady even cracks the line, “This has only happened once before…” Which is a nod to what happened in the first film! 



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