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Meet The Triplets from Disney•Pixar’s BRAVE

09 May 2012

‘Brave’ is an epic adventure chock-full of action, humor and heart,” says director Mark Andrews. "There's no more perfect setting for this powerful tale than the dark and rugged Scottish Highlands. Imagine: magic, mystery and danger—all set within a haunting and beautiful landscape. It's like nothing you've seen before from Pixar.”

With a courageous and impetuous heroine leading the way, Disney.Pixar sets out on yet another extraordinary journey—this time across the rugged and mysterious Highlands of Scotland in “Brave.” The big-screen adventure--the 13th feature-length animated film from Pixar Animation Studios.


Identical triplets Harris, Hubert and Hamish are adorable, redheaded, and always ready to stir up a bit of mischief, especially if sweets are at stake. They can communicate wordlessly with their sly smiles, subtle glances and rascally giggles. This troublemaking trio is particularly keen on sneaking through the secret passages of the castle, mysteriously appearing out of walls, and playing clever tricks on everyone, especially their father, King Fergus. They share an extra special bond with their big sister, Merida, who is among the few who can actually tell them apart.

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