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Michael Caine says the film industry will always need a ’90 year old bloke’ for him to play

18 July 2011

We were lucky enough to be at the Cars 2 press conference in London today, and although it was miserable and rainy afternoon, one of Britain's greatest institutions, Michael Caine was on great form as he chatted about his role as a voice for Finn McMissile, a powder blue 1964 Aston Martin DB5 and the romantic lead in the film, that Caine described as a joy to play;

'I loved being in this film cuz im about 34 in it and very good looking with very heavy eyelids which i do have in real life.'

Caine also admitted that he wasn't very familiar with Pixar style animation and had never seen a 3D film before and was very surprised and how great Cars was. He also explained the reasons for taking the role were mainly for his grandchildren and also because the role of Finn McMissile was a spy and obviously he is a car, and Michael explained to the audience that actors are 'very superstitious people' and as he started off his career playing a spy and had a lot of experience with cars in The Italian Job, and so he felt that was a good Omen.

So does that mean Michael is planning on ending his career with Cars 2. Not according to the 78 year old acting veteran;

"'ll keep going until the offers stop coming in. I think the great thing about acting is you never have to retire, someone will always have a film that needs a 90 year old bloke in it!"

Cars 2 will hit UK cinema's on the 22nd of July 2011.

Michael Caine can next be seen in The Dark Knight Rises out in UK cinema's on the 20th of July 2012. Watch the new trailer here.