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Michael Fassbender reveals hopes for Prometheus

30 April 2012

Sought after talent Michael Fassbender who will next be seen as the android David in Sir Ridley Scott's Prometheus has spoken about his hopes for the anticipated film.

The forthcoming science fiction epic is set in the same universe as the 1979 horror classic that spawned three sequels and two Predator crossovers and Fassbender tells Elle magazine "I hope it stands up against Alien. Ridley's amazing, such a nice guy too, there's a real energy and youth to him.

A lot of these directors have a wicked sense of humour. David Cronenberg was the same. He spent all the time taking the p*ss."

Speaking about his immediate career plans Fassbender added "I consciously stopped making movies last year. There's so much of me out there at the moment, I wanted to back off a bit. It's like overkill."

When talking about his 'man of the moment' status and how him taking time out will be affected he says "That isn't the part that excites me.

It is kind of bizarre rather than fun. I was excited a year ago, when I was working on those films."

Prometheus opens on June 1 and features the stellar cast of Charlize Theron, Idris Elba, Noomi Rapace, Guy Pearce and Patrick Wilson.

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