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Michael Matteo Rossi’s SHADOWS starring Krista Allen, Francis Capra, Vernon Wells and more Has Wrapped Filming

19 November 2019

The Fan Carpet are delighted to share the news that Michael Matteo Rossi has completed production on his forthcoming feature SHADOWS, starring Krista Allen, Francis Capra, Vernon Wells, David Labrava, Simeon Panda, Rahart Adams and more!

Jewel, a veteran street walker tries to rekindle the relationship with her 18 year old son Cody who she had to let go of when he was a baby, but Cody, already living on his own and getting into the world of drug dealing, wants nothing of her. Things come to a head when Cody accidentally gets a hold of a highly potent experimental drug that links a top drug kingpin to put a hit on him and motivates Cody's uncle to come into the picture and project both Cody and Jewel from an all out drug war and them in the crossfire.



Starring Krista Allen, Eric Etebari, Rahart Adams, Francis Capra, David Labrava, Jazsmin Lewis, Vernon Wells, Rachel Alig, Eve Mauro, Cathy Baron, Simeon Panda, Dylan Summerall, Kelsi Taylor and Tyrone Magnus.

Find SHADOWS on IMDb and Twitter and keep up with Michael on Twitter.

Director's statement "Being influenced by slick smart action films of the 80s and 90s, I always wanted to blend strong yet conflicted characters into the chaos of action and revenge. This is my strongest work in part because of the caliber of actors that attached themselves to the film and you will see some veteran actors mixed with some up and coming newer actors that all went above and beyond with their performances. It crosses a lot of genres in that there are times of great comedic set pieces mixed with violence and pure emotionally shaken drama as well."



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