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Michelle Williams wouldn’t light up in every scene for My Week with Marilyn

30 January 2012

Three time Oscar nominee Michelle Williams who is known for television favourite Dawson's Creek and films including Brokeback Mountain, Blue Valentine and Mammoth apparently refused to smoke in every scene of her latest film My Week with Marilyn.

Williams bleached her hair and gained weight to portray Monroe, but smoking was said to be one step too far, and apparently the Shutter Island actress decided not to light up in all of the shots she had as legendary film star Marilyn Monroe in case it set a bad example to her daughter Matilda and a source tells the Mail On Sunday "Michelle smoked as little as she could even though Marilyn smoked a lot."

The source adds "Michelle used to smoke but is now fiercely against it and didn't want to set a bad example to her daughter.

It upset her when [former boyfriend and Matilda's father] Heath [Ledger] was alive that he chain-smoked, and she is obsessed with avoiding any bad habits that could affect Matilda."

The 31 year old beauty has finished work as Glinda in Sam Raimi's Oz: The Great and Powerful with Rachel Weisz and Mila Kunis which comes to cinemas on March 8 next year.

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