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Mila Kunis confirms role in the Wachowski brothers’ Jupiter Ascending

25 April 2012

Word via MTV is that Black Swan babe Mila Kunis has confirmed her place in the cast of the Wachowski brothers' Jupiter Ascending.

The gorgeous That 70's Show alumni revealed during CinemaCon, when she interrupted a question about whether the rumours were true by saying "Yes."

When the interviewer joked "Thanks for spilling all the beans on that one!" the actress added "I love them! Listen, I told you I'm doing it. That's the most I've told anybody."

Jupiter Ascending is based on an original science fiction screenplay from The Matrix trilogy creators and rumour has it that Channing Tatum has also reportedly been offered a lead role, also her Black Swan co-star Natalie Portman has previously been linked to the film.

As for Kunis, she will next be seen in Seth MacFarlane's Ted on August 3 alongside Mark Wahlberg.

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