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Miley Cyrus admires Joan Jett

06 September 2011

In an interview with rock legend Joan Jett, former child star Miley Cyrus has said that she is tired of apologising for being herself.

Cyrus shot to fame on the Disney series Hannah Montana but reveals that she wishes people would not see her as a Disney star now that she is older saying "People see me as this perfect Disney star, and the moment I put out a record that says, 'I'm not 11 years old anymore,' people look down on me. That's why I have always looked up to you. When you came out people were shocked that there was a chick that wanted to rock as hard as the guys."

Cyrus who will take the lead as Lola in LOL next month also said that she admires Jett's ability to ignore her critics adding "I love that you never apologised for who you were. It's something I had to learn, I'm sick of feeling as if I owe someone an apology for being who I am."

Following LOL, Cyrus will go undercover in Tom Vaughan's action comedy So Undercover with Kelly Osbourne and Spy Kids: All the Time in the World villain Jeremy Piven which should arrive later this year or early next.

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