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Minions – In Cinemas TOMORROW – Top 5 Moments

25 June 2015

Minions are yellow henchmen, who have existed since the beginning of beginning, evolving from a yellow single-cell organisms into beings who have only one purpose: to serve the most ambitious villains. After their masters were destroyed, they decide to isolate themselves from the world and start a new life in Antarctica. Sometime in the 60s, the lack of a master drives them into depression, so bravest minion and two other volunteers set out to find a new one. They arrive at a villain convention, where they compete for the right to be henchmen for Scarlet Overkill, a stylish and ambitious villain determined to dominate the world and become the first female super-villain.

The Minions are back! Find out where it all began as Kevin, Stuart and Bob set out to find a new evil master for their yellow clan to follow. Coming to UK cinemas on Friday 26th June 2015, you don’t want to miss it!

To celebrate the release we looked at some of the top Minions’ moments of all time.




5. Photocopying butt
Everyone’s done it, or at least wanted to! Photocopying your butt just got funnier as we watch the minions getting in on the old age work joke.




4. Goodnight kiss
The minions of course couldn’t miss out on Gru’s growing softer side. They may live to serve evil masters, but even minions need a goodnight kiss once in a while.




3. Saving Gru
It’s the minions to the rescue! Or not? We witness once again how the minions try to do something right, but all ends up going horribly wrong!



2. Banana Song
What do minions love? BANANAS! So what’s better than listening to the minions singing a song about bananas, featuring a party horn of course.



1. Minions do YMCA
Don’t bother hiring a band for your wedding, hire the minions! If only we could. Their hysterical yet catchy rendition of “Y.M.C.A” at Gru and Lucy’s wedding surely tops all minion moments.

Don’t forget to catch the Minions getting up to more mischief in their new feature film, out this Friday 26th June 2015!

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