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Miracle Media Releases Andy Edwards’ Seaside Slasher PUNCH And Oliver Pearn’s Taut Thriller ON THE LINE On Digital On January 22

15 January 2024

‘A great British slasher movie’ ★★★★ Movie Reviews 101 

‘A saucy seaside postcard of a Little Britain that is thuggish, vicious and hateful beneath the smiling mask’ Projected Figures 

‘Mr. Punch quickly emerges as one of the slasher greats, beating and bludgeoning his way to the top’ Starburst Magazine 

‘The spirit of the English seaside is alive in all its wild, mendacious, ancient glory, the madness of Albion which invites nostalgia and sometimes love and always terror, for those who have seen beyond the mask’ ★★★★ Eye For Film

Miracle Media is set to releases Andy Edwards’ Seaside Slasher PUNCH and Oliver Pearn's Taut Thriller ON THE LINE On Digital On January 22!

Andy Edwards’ seaside slasher packs a Punch as the petrifying puppet is brought to life to terrorise the tourists and town’s local youth in this wickedly wacky new feature that’s been dubbed ‘one of the best slasher flicks to come along since Terrifier’ by GBV Reviews. Following its FrightFest premiere this year, the brutally bloody British horror gets its digital release on 22 January courtesy of Miracle Media. 



There’s no clowning around as Mr Punch stalks the seaside town – merrily battering with his baton to the sound of his maniacal  laughter, causing death and devastation in his wake. 

Ambitious student Frankie (Alina Allison Cuttlefish) has returned to her hometown to visit her troubled Mum, Julia (Kierston Wareing Fish Tank). But with her mum’s creepy new man, Elton (Jamie Lomas The Wind That Shakes the Barley), on the  scene, she can’t wait to leave the Kent coast for good and see the world. 

Set for a final night of fun with her pals before she goes on her merry way, it’s party time… but a night of dancing quickly turns  to gore galore and the young locals are about to get more than they bargained for when an old folk tale becomes all too real. 

Mr Punch is on the prowl and the fearsome pulverising puppet won’t stop until he’s done his worst, but who is he, why is he  creating chaos on the shores and could there be more sinister forces at work?  

As the carnage escalates, can Frankie survive the brutal bashings and the twisted truth? 

Pulling no punches with its gruesomely graphic violence, this end-of-the-pier slasher will fill you with fear: That’s the way to do  it



Punch Film Page

‘Exciting thriller’ Film Threat 

Stay On The Line for this enthralling, expertly crafted new thriller, which sees a telephone operator get in way over her head  as she does all that she can to help a caller in need. Oliver Pearn (Napoleon, Lord Of The Rings: Rings Of Power) makes his  directorial debut in this impressive film that has a cast of Dame Harriet Walter DBE (The Young Victoria, Sense and Sensibility, The Last Duel, Succession) and Royce Pierreson (Line of Duty, The Witcher), whose familiar voices have a powerful impact. The film is set for its UK premiere on 22 January courtesy of Miracle Media. 



It's 1964 and 24-year-old switchboard operator Agnes (Victoria LucieThe Devil’s Machine) passes time listening to phone conversations as she connects peoples’ calls in the Channel Islands. However, things take an unexpected turn when she receives a panicked call from Shirley (Harriet Walter), an old woman suffering from dementia who suggests that she’s been kidnapped.  

Alerting the police and collecting information from various callers, it doesn’t take Agnes long to deduce who the kidnapper is. As she assists the police in tracking him, things become more and more complex and begin to spiral out of control. Can Agnes save Shirley before it’s too late?  

This gripping feature is brimming with suspense and mystery and with its powerful one-person premise, you’ll get hung up On the Line. 



On The Line Film Page

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