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Mr. Calzaghe – In Cinemas November 20 – The Parents behind the Professional Athlete

12 November 2015

When looking at the success stories of sporting greats and legends it is not uncommon to clearly see the encouragement, support and sometimes forcefulness from their parents. The story of Joe Calzaghe would not be complete without his father, Enzo, and the dedication he gave to his son and his son’s sport.

In celebration of the sports documentary, Mr. Calzaghe (in cinemas 20th November and Blu-ray & DVD 23rd November) we explore the unique relationship between this dynamic duo, Joe and Enzo, and take a look at similar parent/child athletic success stories...




Joe Calzaghe and father, Enzo
Joe and Enzo Calzaghe may be the best father/son and coach/athlete team of this generation. As Joe’s natural talent for boxing became apparent, Enzo took it upon himself to dedicate his life to being Joe’s fulltime coach and manager. Enzo credits their successful yet double relationship with the ability to switch back and forth from parent to coach. Joe said his dad is the “ultimate driving force” in making him successful.




Venus and Serena Williams & father, Richard Williams and mother, Oracene Price
The Williams sisters are two of the most well-known tennis stars worldwide. Venus and Serena have both been ranked no.1 in professional tennis during their careers. The girls’ father, Richard, said he decided the two would become professional tennis players after seeing Virginia Ruzici play on television. He followed with writing a 78-page plan and began giving the girls lessons at age four and a half. In 1995, he pulled the two out of their tennis academy and began giving them lessons himself.

Venus and Serena’s mother, Oracene, took it upon herself to learn tennis to help her daughters with the technicalities of the sport. She focused on helping her daughters keep high self-esteem and avoided “pressuring” them.





Lewis Hamilton and father, Anthony
British Formula One racing driver, Lewis Hamilton, was steered toward his professional career by the guidance of his father and manager, Anthony Hamilton. Anthony became increasingly dedicated to his son’s future in racing after giving him a remote-controlled car at six-years-old. He worked extra jobs in order to fund Lewis’s racing. Anthony eventually became self-employed to dedicate more time to his son’s sport. In 2010, Lewis made the decision to split from his father as manager, but their bond has not been broken.




Michael Phelps and mother, Debbie
Olympic gold medallist, Michael Phelps, may have not reached his successful title without the love and support of his mother, Debbie. Debbie raised Michael as a single mother and did whatever it took to help him reach his dreams. Debbie’s way of helping her son excel was by encouraging him to discover his own talents and capabilities rather than push him over his limit.




Tiger Woods and father, Earl
Tiger Woods may possibly be the most famous name in golf, and his start in the sport is thanks in large to his father, Earl. Earl became enamoured with golf at the age of 42. When Tiger was only two-years-old, Earl decided to introduce him to the game. Earl coached Tiger until he was five-years-old, but picked up professional assistance after. Until he passed away in 1998, Earl attended as many of Tiger’s events as possible.




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