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01 July 2021

What is the best movie for sports fans? It’s a question often asked but rarely answered. The reason is there are just too many options. Too many contenders for the crown. From boxing to American football, coaching to playing. The top directors in the industry have already covered every angle.

There have even been successful movies based on sports betting re-telling the glory and despair of the gambling game. In this article, we select a few of our favourite films based on sports betting. Some focus on the glory and riches it can bring, while most concentrate on the misery and heartache involved in chasing that big winner and life-changing sum of cash.

Settle down, get the popcorn ready, and we will begin our list of the top five sports betting movies you must-see today.

Even Money

This movie tells the dark and desperate side of sports betting, with each of the main characters suffering anguish due to their gambling. Kim Bassinger plays the role of Caroyln, who is by day a successful writer who, seemingly, has it all. A great life, family and career. But there’s a secret.

By night she is a gambling addict and compulsive liar who pours her fortunes into slots machines. She’s chasing the thrill, not the money. Watch out for Danny Devito - a struggling magician - in fine form.


"Even Money" by Yari Film Group is licensed under CC BY 3.0

Two for the Money

Another that can be filed under grim, warning of the heartbreak sports betting can bring. Two for the Money focuses on the breakdown of relationships through sports betting. While the gambler is chasing that high of a winning bet they are losing not only cash but also connections.

Former sports star Brandon Land uses his inside knowledge in an attempt to beat the bookies and, at first, he’s quite successful, so much so he teams up with Walter Abrams. The good times roll - but it doesn’t last long. As the old saying goes - what goes up must come down.


While most movies that revolve around gambling focus on the punter and their attempts to win big, this film comes from the other side of the counter. It tells the story of the bookie who accepts bets, pulls in profits and pays out winners.

It’s unique and interesting, explaining how the industry works as well as some of the tricks adopted to help separate customers from their stake. Three college students have tried betting on sports but found out they don’t have much talent for picking a winner, so they switch sides and become the bookie.

Lay the Favourite

This is one of the few gambling movies based on true life and a story that sticks as close to reality as possible. Lay the Favourite - a gambling term used for backing the shortest price runner to lose - comes from the memoirs of Beth Raymer. This tale shows how sports betting can be used for good, giving the gambler an opportunity to change their life.

The lead starts out as a stripper in Florida and, down on her luck, moves to Las Vegas, chasing the American dream. First employed as a runner for a high stakes bettor, Beth quickly realises she has a passion for the numbers and begins placing her own wagers with success. In no time, she becomes addicted to the excitement of the gambling industry.


"Lay the Favorite" by Radius-TWC is licensed under CC BY 3.0


In a town with a passion for boxing, the residents aren’t too happy when a big fight is fixed. The result of this cheating not only hits them hard in the pocket, but it also costs the town their favourite fighter who is damaged by injury. As you can imagine, they are all soon out for revenge on those who fixed the fight.

The townspeople recruit the help of a convict, con artist and ageing professional boxer who is happy to help, as long as he can use his skills to make serious cash from the situation. The residents want revenge. The con artist wants to be paid. They must defeat ten boxers in 10 days to land the loot. Some they can defeat, some they can bribe, but not everyone plays by the rules—a great watch.

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