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Naomi Watts liked the idea of the challenge of playing Princess Diana

31 August 2013

Two time Oscar nominee Naomi Watts who returns to cinemas with the biopic Diana from filmmaker Oliver Hirschbiegel has spoken about her concerns over portraying Princess Diana in the forthcoming film.

The film centres on the final two years of Princess Diana's life and also explores her affair with heart surgeon Dr Hasnat Khan played by Lost's Naveen Andrews and speaking to InStyle UK, Watts joked that she may have to escape the UK once the film is released "I might go into hiding, I might have to leave the country."

Watts also explained that she nearly refused the role on several occasions adding "More than twice I thought about not doing this.

I said no before I said yes just because taking on that challenge is a massive one. There were weeks of deciding, and then I thought, 'God, I don't like the idea of anyone else playing that role'."

Discussing the backlash from viewers, Watts conceded "Of course, people are going to jump to say, 'She's not tall enough; she doesn't have the nose, the look, the voice...', all of those things.
But once I got past that, I liked the idea of the challenge."

The full interview with Watts can be read in the current issue of InStyle UK, which is on sale now.

Diana opens in cinemas on September 20 and also features national treater Geraldine James.

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