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POPULARITY AFTER TV – From Narcos Slot Machine to Board Game to Cartel Wars: Narcos Games You Can Play Now

22 May 2019

Narcos is one of the most popular TV shows over the past few years. With massive viewing figures and great acting, this Colombian crime drama has lasted for three series since August 2015 and has spawned a spin-off series in Mexico. Many speculate that these Netflix Original shows are likely responsible for the streaming service’s dominant position within the market. One slight downside of being a Netflix Original, of course, is that Narcos is not available on Amazon Prime or any other streaming service.

Yet, the show’s domination does not stop at TV. Later this year, the first Narcos video game will be released on both PC & console, and many wannabe Pablo Escobars are chomping at the bit for its release. Rise of the Cartels is the name of this new game, and there are some great looking teaser trailers currently out - featuring the same locations as the first season, (hopefully) original actor voiceovers, and the classic soundtrack.

Listen to the full Narcos soundtrack on Spotify.

This, however, will not be the first officially licenced Narcos game, so wannabe Escobars can start their cartels sooner. Here, we’ll take a look at a mobile app, a slot machine, and a board game in anticipation of Rise of the Cartels.

Cartel Wars App

Cartel Wars is the Narcos mobile app that lets you play a similar turn-based narrative as Rise of the Cartels. In this game, Pablo Escobar leads you through your journey to become a cartel king, during which you build your resources, wage war against your enemies, or ally with those you need to keep close.

In these Narcos apps, you can become a kingpin by either using power or earning respect. If you chose power then your journey is quicker but riskier, while earning respect is slow but more stable. Either way, during your journey to the top you must expand your empire on the map, and you must export ‘product’ abroad – which you cannot do without building your jungle finca up with a drugs labs and processing plants.

To play, you can download for either Android or Apple iOS.

Narcos Slot Machine

Although online casino fans have been treated to a variety of branded games before, there was a particularly special buzz after developer NetEnt announced they were creating an official Narcos slot machine back in February 2018.

For over a year, slot spinners were left to wonder what a cartel slot would include - and what side of the war you’d be fighting! However, a recent YouTube trailer for this release (set for Thursday the 23rd of May) explains all, and it looks pretty cool – cooler than Pablo Escobar’s jeans for sure!



In summary, the machine is packed full of official characters and even has features like drive-bys and free spins. As the slot is so close, you can find plenty of casinos offering Narcos free spins on the day so you can give it a try.

It’s certainly not going to make you as rich as the Cali Cartel, but this slot gives you a chance of landing some big wins all the same.

Board Game

Although this is the 21st century, not all games need to be powered by electricity. Narcos: The Board Game is a classic example, being a 2 to 5 player adventure that pits El Patrón against the DEA, the Policía Nacional de Colombia, the Cali Cartel, and the guerrillas. The aim of the game is simple: El Patrón completes secret missions while the other factions try to discover his whereabouts. If El Patrón is caught then that player loses. If your faction manages to find El Patrón then you win!



This hide and seek back-and-forth has received a lot of praise, so if your power goes out and you can’t play Rise of the Cartels or the Slot Machine, you’re still going to be able to get your agent Peña fix.

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