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Natalie Portman continues to help the Environment

17 October 2010

Last night saw the 20th Annual Environmental Media Awards hosted by Olivia Munn and Jason Ritter at Warner Bros Studios.

The EMA Awards honors film and television productions that convey environmental messages in the most inspirational and creative ways.

This year's nominees include films such as Avatar and Fantastic Mr. Fox and TV programs including Bones, 30 Rock, and The Simpsons.

Jeff Skoll the producer of Oscar winning documentary The Cove and the upcoming environmental warning tale/horror flick The Crazies, embarrassed his award presenter Natalie Portman by featuring a clip of an 11-year-old Natalie literally singing the praises of recycling.

Other attendees included Erika Christensen, Eva Mendes, James Cameron and Rosario Dawson.

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