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Need a Vacation? You Might Just Get a Sequel

07 October 2009

Let's hope Walley World is open.

The 1983 Chevy Chase classic National Lampoon's Vacation is gearing up for another go-round, according to The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision blog.

This time around, the story would follow now-grown son Rusty Griswold as he prepares to take his own children on a family getaway. No word whether Chase or Beverly D'Angelo would appear, though they have appeared in European-, Christmas- and Vegas-themed sequels. (And we vote for Jane Krakowski to reprise her role as creepy Cousin Vicki.)

The original, which was written by the late John Hughes and directed by John Landis, followed the misadventures of the Griswold family as they attempt to drive to a Disneyland-like theme-park and are beset by problems of biblical proportions. The story was based on a childhood roadtrip Hughes endured with his family.

Maybe just leave the dog at home this time.

Source: E! Online