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NESPRESSO Challenges Filmmakers In An International Vertical Film Contest To Tell A Story About What Food Means For Them

09 February 2019


What: Launch of Nespresso Talents 2019, a unique short film contest

How: Aspiring filmmakers to submit short vertical films under the theme of “WE ARE WHAT WE EAT”

When: Contest opens on February 7th 2019 and closes on March 25th 2019

Nespresso announce the launch of Nespresso Talents 2019, a unique vertical filmmaking contest which aims to showcase extraordinary talent from around the world. Now in its fourth year, Nespresso Talents continues to push the boundaries of traditional filmmaking by asking that all submissions are in a vertical format (9:16), giving entrants a chance to explore their creativity through a completely new perspective.

Storytellers have an incredible power. They are able to provide hope, make us laugh, make us cry and change the world around them. This year, Nespresso Talents is challenging filmmakers to share what food means for them, through the theme “We are what we eat”. Food is a common passion for people around the world and carries many different meanings depending on location, culture, history… Food is much more than what is on the plate: it is a mix of smells, colours, tastes and cultures. It can trigger a memory of a place or a special day. It can convey a handwritten recipe that has been shared in a family for generations. It is also a market where produce is bought, a farm where it is grown, a producer’s passion or a chef’s inspiration.



The contest will be open for entries from February 7th – March 25th 2019 on A select jury will choose the three best short films from a shortlist of 50, which will be available for the public to view on Each winner will not only receive funds for their film career but also an exclusive trip to the world-renowned 2019 Cannes Film Festival, where the selected videos will be formally announced and celebrated on May 17th, 2019. The three authors of the selected videos will receive mentoring sessions in Cannes with Semaine de la Critique.

The Nespresso Talents platform aims to inspire filmmakers to create positive change in the world and to celebrate filmmaking talent globally. The contest brief also taps into cultural trends by offering a new storytelling perspective using the vertical format – a way of viewing videos which has already grown exponentially in the last years. Alfonso Gonzalez, Nespresso Chief Customer Officer explains “Nespresso seeks out people who think differently, who are prepared to go further, push boundaries and demonstrate creativity in what they do. For this reason, we are proud to support film events, with a focus on young talent and innovation in film.”

This year, each video submitted in the Nespresso Talents 2019 contest will lead to the planting of a tree in Colombia by Nespresso. These trees will contribute to a large scale initiative in partnership with PUR Project transitioning coffee smallholders into organic coffee production through agroforestry.

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