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OPT FOR THE STALLS + FOLLOW SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES + GET A MEMBERSHIP: Never Miss Getting Tickets for a Theatre Play with These Tips

20 March 2023

Seeing theatre life is such a thrilling and unique experience. It’s completely different seeing stories play out in real life right before your eyes. Unfortunately, going to the theatre can be super expensive, and it can be difficult to get tickets to see certain shows. It can be a big decision on whether to get tickets because there’s also the aspect of travelling to the venue. But to make sure that you don’t miss out on getting good value tickets for a play again, you can follow these top tips. 


See Something New

Whilst you may have a specific list of plays you want to see, some of the best performances you’ll see are ones that you booked on a whim. You’ll open up so many more opportunities if you expand your tastes and take a chance on shows and theatres you may not have even heard of before; why not try winter garden theatre Music Man or even a local amateur play? You may be pleasantly surprised and discover new places if you go in blind sometimes.


Sign Up For Newsletters

When you’re looking on theatre websites or ticket websites, they’ll often be an option to sign up to receive emails that can give you ticket discounts and show announcements. Knowing what plays are coming on in different theatres will give you a heads-up before tickets go on sale, which can give you time to plan a chance to nab them. If you don’t want to clog up your normal email account, you can set up a separate email address to receive the different offers. Or you can set up an email rule for these types of emails to go directly into a theatre folder. 



Opt For The Stalls

The stalls have a bad name, but they aren’t always that bad. These seats may have limited vision of the stage and may not face the stage directly, which means you have to angle your head. But the advantages are that they are cheaper and less competitive to purchase. They can also give you a different perspective of the play, and even a nice panoramic view of the action. There are also websites you can use that have pictures taken from specific seats, so you can see exactly what the view will be like and how much that pillar that is mentioned on the theatre website actually obstructs the view.

Directors and actors do keep these kinds of seats in mind when they are blocking their scenes, so you won’t be missing out really. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, there may be a quiet night, and you may be promoted to some better seats at no extra cost!


Follow Social Media Pages

Most theatres and shows that are on tour will have their own social media pages these days, so you can keep up to date with what’s happening. They may announce additional dates if they have a sold-out run, which can give you the chance to jump in on the action, or they might even host giveaways of free tickets to the show!



Get A Membership

Some theatres have memberships that will allow you to access ticket sales before other people. This will ensure that you can get tickets and good seats before anyone else. They can also give you other benefits like behind-the-scenes tours, access to dress rehearsals, and the ability to skip queues. You’ll also be supporting your local theatres this way, which can help them keep running, so you may get your name credited on their website. Theatres can really struggle without the financial support of schemes such as this.


Get Involved

Becoming involved in your local theatres will normally give you the chance to grab early-bird and discounted tickets, or even get in for completely free. You can do this in the following ways:

  • Become a “friend” of the theatre; you may volunteer activities, such as selling raffle tickets, and in exchange, you can get tickets and other benefits
  • Make some theatre friends (who can give you free tickets to their shows!)
  • Apply for a job at a theatre as an usher - you’ll be able to watch the shows (multiple times) while you are looking after the audience at the same time
  • Take a job in the theatre bar/restaurant, so you can get complimentary tickets or discounted ones
  • You could even become an actor and take part in shows yourself

So there you have it, some of the best ways to ensure you get tickets to a show, and for good value too. You can sign up for updates, check social media, and even get involved with your local theatre for some freebies too.

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