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New Promo for new science fiction series DYSTOPIA season 1 lands!

30 July 2015

Runaway Features and Michael Copon Studios have unveiled the product of their recent joint U.S. venture; a sneak peak promo for season 1 of new TV show Dystopia, a sci fi thats sees time travellers from the future travelling back to the present to prevent the extinction of mankind.

Production has wrapped principal photography and released the promo in conjunction with a kickstarter campaign to facilitate pickups and post production to commence.



It is the year 2037. Our world is dying, slowly, from a virus that has rendered mankind infertile. Not a single child has been born in 25 years. Governments are now powerless puppets for the biggest corporations and Biocorp, the world's biggest, keeps promising a cure that never comes. A pair of scientists (Michael Copon and Simon Phillips) attempting to create the world first teleporter manage to create something even more powerful: time machines. They travel back to 2017 in order to change the events of their past and prevent the virus from ever taking hold. But their actions have unintended consequences, with the butterfly effect taking hold. As their partners (Sheena Colette and Eve Mauro) fight to protect them, their actions in the past escalate to mass murder in order to save billions in the future.



Due a 2016 release, Dystopia is an independent science fiction show in the vein of Children of Men and the Terminator franchise. It stars Michael Copon (One Tree Hill), Simon Phillips (He Who Dares), Eve Mauro (Osombie), Sheena Collette (Graceland), Leo Goodman (Shame The Devil), Peter Woodward (Babylon 5), Jason Faunt (Power Rangers), Leslie Lopez (Power), Mercedes Papalia (No Easy Days), Al Sapienza (The Sopranos), Sylvester McCoy (Doctor Who) and Michael Madson (Reservior Dogs) and is directed by Paul Tanter (White Collar Hooligan).



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