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New Scarface?

22 September 2011

It looks as though the remake mill in Hollywood is once again thinking about churning out a revamped version of a classic film. In the firing line this time, Scarface.

Yes you heard correctly, Universal Studios is currently considering rebooting the classic Scarface for a new generation. Remember the classic 1983 version that everyone knows was also a remake the original came in 1932.

According to deadline, Universal and producer Martin Bregman, who worked on the 1983 version, are currently in active development meeting with writers to help construct the latest take on the film. The main plan is to maintain the original core to the movie, with an immigrant making it as a criminal kingpin, but bring it up to date with today’s world.

As they are only writing and planning at the moment there has been no announcement about anyone staring, although I bet there plenty of A-listers who would jump at the chance to star in this film. There is also no news about when they are planning to get it on screen, so watch this space for more details.