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Nick Mason of PINK FLOYD to attend film premiere about a famous SICILIAN MOTOR RACE – A SICILIAN DREAM

14 October 2015


Upfolds Media is proud to announce that its documentary A Sicilian Dream about the legendary Sicilian motor race, the Targa Florio, which stars TV Presenter and Motor racing champion Alain de Cadenet and Italian architect, writer and presenter Francesco da Mosto will be released in the UK from 23rd October and will celebrate its UK Premiere at the Prince Charles Cinema Leicester Square on Monday 19th October with special guests attending including Nick Mason (Pink Floyd).

Written and Directed by Philip Walsh and Produced by David Biggins, Simone Maggi and Sheila Hayman, A Sicilian Dream is a theatrical documentary about the rise and fall of the Florio Dynasty in Sicily, and the Targa Florio – the longest-running road race in the world. The film explores the history of these incredible races, which took place from 1906 through to 1977, through the memories of personalities who both watched and took part in them.

Nick Mason of Pink Floyd said: "My father Bill was a well known film maker with many motor racing documentaries to his credit. In particular, at Enzo's invitation in 1953, he took part in the Italian Mille Miglia in a Ferrari and recorded some in-car footage which became a classic film about that epic race. He recently made, before he died, three films about the early Mercedes Racing cars which evoke similar memories and passion to the Targa Florio scenes in A Sicilian Dream. I still have and love his 1930 Bentley which he used to race at Goodwood and Silverstone."

With Sicilian roots himself, we join Francesco da Mosto on his quest to dig deep into Sicilian history to discover the unique story of the Florio dynasty and the charismatic romantic, Vincenzo Florio. Francesco follows the winding circuit of the Targa Florio, travelling in the different cars that raced there through the years. Along the way, he passes through remote mountain villages, meeting the local characters and storytellers as they reveal hidden gems of incident and folklore.

For Alain de Cadenet the Targa Florio is deeply affecting, as he crashed his Lola prototype car and nearly died in the 1970 Targa Florio race. He was pulled from the burning wreckage by a random stranger, a Sicilian farmer who found him unconscious. To get rid of that nightmare, he drives the Targa Florio route one more time within the film, to see it instead as the mother of road racing, the glorious race that ignited the world and gave birth to legends and dreams.

The legends of the past are united with the passions of today as vintage and classic cars by Fiat, Mercedes, Ferrari, Peugeot and Porsche arrive from all over the world with their owners and mechanics, who converge on the island to pay homage to the mother of all road races. We delve into the famous Targa Florio stories and their wider influence on world motor racing, as well as the Sicilian legacy that is still held so dear by the locals.

Alain de Cadenet said: "Motorsport media needs a show like this to make up for the rubbish that's on offer."

Francesco da Mosto said just having completed the Targa Florio Giro Centenary as a mechanic in the 1913 Nazzaro: "I think the Nazzaro is a part of my heart. I thought old cars would be boring, but these people are crazy; you remember the film "Those magnificent men in their flying machines?" It's just like that, you are exposed and flying; the emotion is incredible. These cars are inventions that are both functional and art at the same time."

Producer David Biggins said: “Besides my great passion for old motors, it was the Visconti Movie "Il Gattopardo" - The Leopard played by Burt Lancaster, that fired my imagination and stimulated the idea to make this film. The story of "The Leopard" follows the demise of the ruling classes in Sicily after Garibaldi's invasion and the unification of Italy. This allowed the emergence of the Nouveau Riche, the entrepreneurs, of which the Florio family was the most important.

Our film continues the history of the Island from the early twentieth Century through the eyes of Vincenzo Florio, and the inevitable downfall of the Florios, to the end of the longest running road race ever staged: The Targa Florio. But it is not forgotten."

A Sicilian Dream will celebrate its UK Premiere at the Prince Charles Cinema Leicester Square on Monday 19th October with guests of honour including Alain de Cadenet, Francesco da Mosto and Nick Mason of Pink Floyd. 

About Upfolds Media
David Biggins had a life time career in the oil and gas industry as Managing Director of Sovereign Oil & Gas PLC, a quoted independent exploration and production company. Restoring and racing vintage and earlier cars has been an essential part of his other life, culminating in the making of this film.

David is a long term enthusiast who’s been involved with old motor cars since he was 18 years old. The inspiration for the Pistons, Passions, Pleasures project arose after several trips to Sicily and winning the Centenary of the first Targa Florio race in 2006. This was followed by a trip to the Centenary of the Giro in 2012 and a further visit in 2014, driving his unique 1913 Nazzaro Tipo 3 Corsa.

Research for the film has included visits to many museums and archaeological sites, and interviews with Princess Nicoletta Lanzi Tomasi Di Lampedusa and Gioachino Lanza Tomasi about the Leopard novel. David was also proud to interview and feature local Sicilian hero Nino Vaccarella, who won the Targa Florio no fewer than three times.

Tilling Creative (Tilling Productions Ltd)
Tilling Productions Ltd is an award winning creative production agency who worked in association with Upfolds Media Ltd. They produce great film content for global brands, corporate communications, broadcast channels and digital marketing. Tilling Creative supplied pre and post-production facilities for Pistons, Passions and Pleasures: A Sicilian Dream, and the film’s Director, Assistant Producer and Editor all worked for them during the production.

Francesco da Mosto
Francesco da Mosto (born 1961) is an Italian architect, author, historian, film maker and television presenter. He presented the four BBC 2 series Francesco's Venice (2004), Francesco's Italy: Top to Toe (2006) where he explored the country in his Alfa Romeo Spider, and Francesco's Mediterranean Voyage (filmed 2007, broadcast 2008) which saw him travelling from his home in Venice to Istanbul, visiting cities including Split, Mostar, Dubrovnik and many more. He also presented the two part BBC 2 series: Shakespeare in Italy in 2012.

Francesco was born in Venice and his family have been part of the city's history since possibly as early as the fifth century. Originally, they were wine makers, the name da Mosto coming from the word "mosto" meaning grape must (juice from crushed grapes). Later, the family became traders, explorers and politicians.

Francesco is the younger son of Count Ranieri da Mosto and Contessa Maria Grazia Vanni d'Archirafi, who comes from a very old Sicilian noble family which boast the Dukes of Archirafi among their ranks, as well as many noted Italian diplomats and bankers.

Francesco lives in the family’s palazzo in Venice with his South African born wife Jane, his four children and his parents. Francesco’s grandfather, Andrea, acquired the palazzo in 1919. When he moved in, the empty picture frames on the walls of the portego were filled with copies of family pictures, including a 15th century map of the voyages of Alvise da Mosto, who discovered the Cape Verde islands off the west of Africa.

As well as books accompanying his BBC TV series, Francesco has also published a book entitled Francesco's Kitchen, which is an intimate guide to the authentic flavours and food of Venice.

Alain de Cadenet
Alain de Cadenet (born 27 November 1945 in London) is a television presenter for the Speed Channel and ESPN. He has hosted numerous shows on speed, including Legends of Motorsport, as well as the network's coverage of the Goodwood Festival of Speed. He also hosted Victory by Design, in which he drove vintage racing cars and talked about their history.

Currently, Alain hosts the Velocity Channel show Renaissance Man, a history programme whose coverage includes cars, motorcycles, the Rolls-Royce Merlin engine and racing at Monaco. He made his reputation building and driving his own sports prototypes, taking on works teams and occasionally beating them.

In 1976, Alain finished third overall at Le Mans and in 1980, with co-driver Desiré Wilson, he won two rounds of the World Sportscar Championship —the Monza 1000 kilometres and Silverstone six hour events. This was a major achievement in an era of increasing professionalism, when it was very difficult for privateers to defeat larger, better-funded teams that had factory support.

Alain is one of the most respected and accomplished racers of classic and vintage cars. He has owned and raced numerous historic automobiles, particularly Alfa Romeos. In addition to cars, he also collects motorcycles and aircraft, and owns a Supermarine Spitfire.

Alain has a fascinating wealth of experience in all things mechanical, and counts many designers, drivers, team owners, music and film stars amongst his friends. He is also a collector and authority on George V stamps, and advised the Royal Mail on their collection.

Divorced from Anna de Cadenet, with whom he has two children, Alexander and Amanda, Alain is now married to Alison de Cadenet and has a younger son named Aidan.

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