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Nocturne rises for Len Wiseman

07 April 2010

It's already three years since Die Hard 4.0, but it seems like Len Wiseman is keen to make up the lost time, he has decided to move forward with Nocturne.

The original Nocturne script, about a group of people mysteriously surviving an apocalypse, was knocked out by Red Dawn / Missing in Action remake writers Andre Fabrizio and Jeremy Passmore. Its latest incarnation is being penned by the ubiquitous Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby (Iron Man 2 / Children of Men). No cast yet, and the title may yet change, but a locked-in director and a screenplay gaining strength make this suddenly a going concern.

It was widely speculated that Gears Of War, the videogame adaption would be the first project off the starting block, but with studio execs dragging their feet (maybe they've watched some no so good adaptations of videogames) and this news about Nocturne it seems highly unlikely. If Gears Of War is a non starter he has other projects including Shrapnel and Atlantis Rising to occupy his time, what he chooses to do is anyones guess.

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