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NOT ONLY FILMS: Geekettes Chat Use Their Platform To Talk About Social Issues During The COVID-19 Global Pandemic

15 April 2020

Geekettes Chat is a YouTube Channel hosted by sisters, Christy and Shirley, who have been reviewing films and hosting filmmakers since 2013.  But, on Friday, 4th April 2020, the New Yorkers decided to use their platform to do something revolutionary: address the social issues concerning COVID-19 through YouTube Live. The team discussed unemployment aid, the 2020 Census, housing assistance and pandemic discrimination.

New York City is the epicenter of the Coronavirus, currently with nearly 8,000 deaths and over 110,000 infected.  While many entertainment platforms have taken the decision to not mention the virus, Geekettes Chat chose to not only discuss the pandemic -- since it is on the forefront of everyone's mind -- but offer advice to help those in need. 

Christy and Shirley researched how best to apply for unemployment funds, who to contact if paying your accommodation is an issue and what you can do to help your community during this time. However, the duo still stayed true to their MO and gave their input on the Marvel Cinematic Universe and even reviewed the sci-fi, South Korean film, SNOWPIERCER



As Latina women who are social justice champions, the sisters have made it a point to highlight films that have strong female characters and promote diversity. They have been judges for the LATINO FILM MARKET in New York and, in Jan. 2020, travelled to the SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL to review upcoming films and talk to filmmakers for their site.

Although only used for the first time recently, it seems like YouTube Live is a platform that caters for Geekettes Chat, since everything "live" has been put on hold.  The duo will be hosting their third one on Friday, 17th April at 7PM EST (midnight GMT), where they will be reviewing Netflix's documentary about a disabled summer camp for teens, CRIP CAMP (released under Barack and Michelle Obama's production company, Higher Ground Productions).

You can tune into Geekettes Chat on YouTube Live  and subscribe to their channel to watch previous videos. 

Wriiten by Charysse Tia Harper at Xplore The World


  1. Lissette Medina
    15 April 2020 at 10:37 pm — Reply

    Awesome article! Thank you ladies for providing information for assistance during this crisis. You are both inspirational women and continue to do an amazing job.

  2. Daniela Maldonado
    15 April 2020 at 11:56 pm — Reply

    This article is the perfect example of uplifting fellow Latina’s. Supporting and encouraging their platforms.

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