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On Superhero Day Batman And The Joker Are Crowned By Fans As The Ultimate Superhero and Villain Duo In OnBuy.com Study

28 April 2021

April 28th marks National Superhero Day. Over the years we have seen many superheroes and villains grace our screens and comic books, and fight until an inch of death. But which superhero and villain duo is our favourite?

This is the question experts at OnBuy.com sought to answer, and after surveying 1,509 people they can now reveal which duo was crowned the fans’ favourite!

Batman and The Joker crowned our favourite superhero and villain duo

Batman and The Joker storm through the ratings as a significant 34.8% of respondents chose them as the favourite. With both Batman and The Joker having their own solo films, the popularity of both clearly shines through.



The brother pairing Thor and Loki come in second place as fans’ second favourite superhero and villain combo, securing 24.19% of the votes. Despite being close in their younger years, Loki grew jealous of his brother and began to resent him, forming the duo that we clearly love today.

The third favourite duo is Captain America and Red Skull with a respectable 9.89% of voters choosing them as their favourite.  The pairing first fought each other during World War II in Captain America: The Winter Soldier and have been arch enemies ever since.

Following closely behind in joint fourth place is Spiderman and Green Goblin and Wolverine and Sabretooth (9.16%). Whilst Spiderman and Green Goblin have been around since 1962, Wolverine and Sabretooth began their feud when they were both participants of the Cold War supersoldier program Weapon X.

In fifth is our oldest superhero and villain combo. Superman and Lex Luthor might have been around for the longest, but only secured 6.96% of votes as fans’ favourite pairing, just narrowly beating Professor X and Magneto (5.96%) who finish up in last place.

Superman and Lex Luthor are the least popular for men!

When breaking the results down by gender, OnBuy.com found out that there is also some controversy between men and women about our favourite superhero and villain duo! Superman and Lex Luthor were bottom of the list for male respondents (6.76%). Whereas Wolverine and Sabretooth climbed through the rankings to come third for the men (10.14%). For the women, Thor and Loki only narrowly miss out on first place (28.8%) but Batman and The Joker take top spot overall!




  1. OnBuy.com scrawled through lists on Ranker.com to find the most popular superheroes and villains. If the superhero and villain both appeared in the top 10 of their respective list, they were entered into a survey. The top seven were used. 
  2. Using Google Surveys, the team at OnBuy used this list to survey 1,509 participants on which superhero and villain duo is their favourite, to crown the ultimate winner. 
  3. The survey was carried out from 21/04/21 to 23/04/21. 

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