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OPENSIGHT Presents The Video For IN HERE WITH US From Their Brand New Album MONDO FICTION Coming On February 4

21 January 2022

"London Cinematic Metallers’ Opensight stretch far beyond the boundaries of Metal into the realms
of multi-layered and multi-influenced indulgence!" - Worship Metal

“Imagine Faith No More crafting the soundtrack to a sixties espionage themed show and you get some idea of the visual potency on the imagination and the intricate yet seemingly simple tapestry of sound seducing ears.” - Ringmaster Reviews

“...showcases this James Bond and cinematic influence by making use of the Surf Rock-tinged guitar riffs!" - Metal Gods TV

"Opensight is notorious for dressing up their songs with suspense, spy themes, hard-boiled action sequences and enigmatic horror passages, revelling in vintage Genre Film conventions. IN HERE WITH US is inspired by classic scores from 70s over the top Grindhouse thriller films. A Metal track that also aspires to be the soundtrack of a suspense or Murder Mystery film."

Known for Suspense, Spy Themes, Action and enigmatic horror passages, Cinematic Metallers Opensight return with their brand-new album “Mondo Fiction”. Reaffirming and expanding on their “Quirky” (Rolling Stone Magazine) and “unique and absolutely delightful” (Bloody approach, the album was produced by frontman Ivan Amaya and was mixed and mastered by Will Maya (The Answer, Breed 77, The Heretic Order, Panic Cell, The Morage, Adrian Smith).



After presenting the solid statement “Ulterior Motives” a few years ago, Opensight’s forthcoming full length “Mondo Fiction” raises the bar. Embracing themes and motifs that could be featured in classic scenes. From 70s car chases, a plot twist in a murder mystery all the way to the villain’s theme in a crime film, or the visit to an old graveyard in a supernatural thriller. The album presents each song as part of an All-nighter multi-feature presentation that closes with “Thunderball”.

Through recordings and energetic live shows Opensight delivers a combination of Rock and Heavy Metal sounds with a vintage cinematic sensitivity. Notorious for dressing up their songs with Suspense, Spy Themes, Hard-Boiled action sequences and enigmatic horror passages, Opensight revel in Genre Film conventions for their sound and visuals and present them as a form of Entertainment.




  1. In Here With Us

  2. The Great Silence

  3. Plot Twist

  4. Stained Remains

  5. Another New Beginning

  6. Primitive Principle

  7. Curse

  8. Horror Vacui

  9. Villain

  10. Secrecy

  11. Thunderball


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