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Oscar winner Sandra Bullock wanted longer acting break

13 December 2011

Oscar winner Sandra Bullock known for films including Crash, The Proposal, The Blind Side and the Miss Congeniality series has revealed that she had planned to take a longer hiatus from acting.

The Speed actress, who announced the break last year will return in next year's Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close alongside Tom Hanks tells Entertainment Tonight "It's true, I didn't want to go back."

When talking about her upcoming film, where she plays the wife of Hanks's 9/11 victim, she describes working with Stephen Daldry as an opportunity she could not turn down adding "It was an opportunity as an actor that you hope you have and you're given it, as long as it was a great experience for me and my son at the same time, then it was an experience I wanted to take."

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close comes to cinemas on February 3 and she has Gravity with George Clooney out on October 19.

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