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Pan’s Labyrinth Star Doug Jones Guest Stars on Medallion Mondays

09 October 2010

Fans of the award-winning actor Doug Jones, famous for his roles as Fauno and Pale Man in the multi-Oscar-winningPan's Labyrinth, the Silver Surfer in 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Abe Sapien in Hellboy and Hellboy II: The Golden Army (in which he also played Chamberlain and the Angel of Death), will be happy to hear that Doug is featured this week and next during the Web series Medallion Mondays.

In the eleventh episode of Medallion Mondays, "Pale Man Hands," Tampon (Jim Tampa) discovers that the incompatible coworkers Mo-ck (Adam Mock) and Ponce (Josh "Ponceman" Perry) can actually agree on one thing, and it involves actress Jennifer Lopez. But when Tampon encourages Mock's and Ponce's friendship, Doug Jones quickly turns Tampon's dream into a terrible nightmare. This episode is the first of two featuring Doug Jones. In a bizarre ending to this two-part story, Medallion Media Group CEO Helen Rosburg stumbles upon the greatest idea for a book yet and baby powder is used for something other than diapering babies.

These two episodes spotlight the upcoming new release of Mime Very Own Book (December 2011, Medallion Press), a pictorial coffee table book that will leave you speechless as mime Doug Jones, photographer Eric Curtis, and authors Scott Allen Perry and Adam C. Mock offer a comedic visual smorgasbord of some of life's most awkward moments. It's an eclectic mix of pop culture, social commentary, and parodied fairy tale favorites.Critics have loved Jones' TV guest appearances in the highly praised "Skin and Bones" episode of NBC's Fear Itself, as the lead gentleman in Buffy the Vampire Slayer's "Hush" episode, and in episodes of CSI and Criminal Minds. Besides his epic costumed character film work, he has also made several appearances using his own flexible face, including the upcoming indie release of My Name Is Jerry. Be on the lookout for more of Doug's costumed performances in 2010'sLegion and the French biopic Gainsbourg.

Medallion Mondays, a series of comedic shorts offering a glimpse of the culture of Medallion Press while spinning off on the average workday, has garnered increasing views since its release in June of 2010 and has been rated in the top hundred most-viewed comedy videos on YouTube. Medallion Mondays can be seen every Monday at,, and