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Peccadillo Pictures’s POUTfest showcase UK’s emerging LGBT filmmakers in Cinemas nationwide this July

16 June 2016


UK’s emerging gay filmmakers comes under the spotlight with BOYS ON FILM 15 - TIME AND TIED, a selection of British short films that will provoke tears, anger, fear, and laughter. These films are screening throughout July and August in selected cinemas nationwide as part of Peccadillo’s POUTfest LGBT film tour.

With work from award-winning directors, there are many familiar faces featured including Julie Hesmondhalgh (Coronation Street, Cucumber, Happy Valley), Tommy Knight (Sarah Jane Adventures, Waterloo Road), Nigel Havers (The Charmer, Coronation Street), comedy legend Barry Cryer, trans advocate Jake Graf (The Danish Girl), Nicholas Gleaves (Waterloo Road), Leon Lopez (recently seen as Linford Short in EastEnders), and the incomparable Julian Clary. Many of the filmmakers are planning to be in attendance at many UK cities.

CLOSETS (2015, 19 mins)
Winner of Best British Shorts, Iris Prize 2015. Henry is a teenager struggling with his sexuality in 1986. Hiding in his wardrobe, he time travels to the present day where he meets with another teenager, Ben, with a different viewpoint. Manchester-based director Lloyd Eyre-Morgan looks at changing attitudes towards homophobia and bullying with sensitivity and humour. Starring Julie Hesmondhalgh (Coronation Street’s Hayley) and Tommy Knight (Sarah Jane Adventures and ITV’s up and coming Young Victoria.

PUTTING ON THE DISH (2015, 6 mins)
Directed by Brian Fairbairn and Karl Eccleston.  London, 1962, a time when being gay is still a criminal offence.  Two strangers meet in a park and strike up a conversation using polari slang to talk about their experiences.

G O’CLOCK (2016, 11 mins)
Australian-born director Mitchell Marion gives a harsh but honest view of London’s controversial chemsex scene. Having saved the life of a young boy who has overdosed on GHB,  paramedic Alex discovers his caring instincts come with a dangerous price, Starring Philip Weddell (Rise of the Footsoldier) and Leon Lopez (EastEnders) who also directed the popular Soft Lad which screened during last year’s Pout tour.

NIGHTSTAND (2015, 27 mins)
Directed by Charlie Parnham and executive produced by Stephen Fry and Sir Ian McKellen, is a dark exploration of repressed yearnings and urban loneliness between a married man and the barman he picks up one night, but who has the greatest fears?  Starring Amrou Al-Kadhi and Nicholas Gleaves (TV’s Waterloo Road, Scott & Bailey).

SAUNA THE DEAD: A FAIRY TALE (2016, 20 mins)
Director Tom Frederic fuses a love of 80s fantasy adventure movies, Disney and zombies, this is a genre-hopping modern fable about the dangers of cruising with zombies in a sauna.  Not everyone lives to see the dawn.

TROUSER BAR (2016, 18 mins)
Set in a menswear shop in 1970s London, there’s more than a taste of corduroy that’s on the mind of its young customers. Intended as a project for the ‘Godfather of gay porn’, Peter De Rome it’s been finally brought to life by legendary director Kristen Bjorn and producer David McGillivray with cameo appearances from Julian Clary, Barry Cryer and Nigel Havers.

These films form part of the latest compilation in Peccadillo’s highly successful Boys On Film short film collection series. Further POUTfest information at the Official Website, Facebook and Twitter: @POUTfest


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