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Penguins of Madagascar – Most Successful Spin-off Characters in TV and Film

04 December 2014

Did you know that Skipper, Kowalski, Rico, and Private were in another movie before their new film, Penguins of Madagascar? Even then they were the stars of the film, stealing the scenes and making names with their awesome spy tactics.

In honour of their awesomeness and their new film out on December 5th, we are taking a look at the other scene-stealing spin-off characters in TV and film. These characters gained their own series and places of honour in many fans hearts as well...

Popeye: Thimble Theatre

Originally a part of the Thimble Theatre comic strip series, Popeye soon became so popular that he got his own strip and his own show. Showing children everywhere that spinach makes you strong, Popeye’s strip ran for years and his legacy continued into the modern day. There was even a live action film in the 1980’s starring Robin Williams as Popeye!

Captain Jack Harkness: Dr. Who

Played by John Barrowman, Captain Jack quickly became a popular character in the latest Dr. Who reboot. Known for his wit and charm, Captain Jack was able to get out of almost any situation and even get the Doctor out of a few as well. Due to his success, the BBC created a show especially for him - Torchwood. The show saw him fight to protect the earth from any intergalactic danger it faced when the Doctor was not around to save the day.

Wolverine: X-Men

Originally a character in the Hulk comics, Wolverine quickly became a permanent part of the X-Men before he had his own comic, television series, movie series, and even videogames. Fans love this fearsome mutant, and his legacy shows it. He has been a character in the comic world since 1974, and today he has his own movie series starting Hugh Jackman as Wolverine.

Mork and Mindy: Happy Days

This infamous duo from the TV series, Happy Days, produced one of the most popular television series of the 1970s. The whole show started thanks to the popularity of the 5 episodes where Mork appeared on Happy Days as his quirky alien self. Portrayed by Robin Williams and Pam Dawber, this pair showed how funny an alien living with a regular American girl in the 1970s can be.

Daria: Beavis and Butthead

Originally a recurring character on the popular MTV 90’s series, Beavis and Butthead, Daria quickly became a popular series about the life of a teenage girl stuck in suburbia. The series had references to the original show, but was extremely successful. As a smart teenage girl, Daria captured the attention of audiences on both shows and continues to have a spot in many 90’s kids’ hearts. 

Angel: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

From the popular series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel was at one point the major love interest of Buffy, and fans just could not seem to let him go. This popularity lead to his own self-titled series about his adventures as he tries to solve crimes and save souls in Los Angeles. As a vampire with a human soul, Angel is a mystery to many and had so many interesting internal issues, who could let him go when Buffy ended?

Cory and Topanga: Boy Meets World

Perhaps one of the sweetest relationships in TV ever, Cory and Topanga is a favourite of many 90’s kids and recently they have come back on screens in the new Disney spin-off show Girl Meets World. The new show focuses on their daughter as she faces many of the challenges her father once faced, but it is undeniable that Cory and Topanga are still the stars and continue to hold a place in our hearts.

Xena: Hercules: The Legendary Journey

Coming from the show Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Xena actually became more popular than Hercules where she was a recurring character. Xena had a strong fan following that continues today. As the audience follows Xena in her efforts to use her awesome powers for the greater good, it is easy to see how she got her own series. Xena did what she could to help as many people as possible and keep the world safe.

Pinky and the Brain: Animaniacs

These popular characters from the cartoon Animaniacs are set on ruling the world. Well, at least the Brain is. The pair’s short appearance in the Animaniacs series was such an audience hit that these lab mice were given their own long running series. With Pinky as the lovable, but rather dull companion to the super smart Brain, who is always trying to take over the world, audiences loved the series during its run.

Penguins of Madagascar Film Page

Ready to see the Penguins back in action? What happens when the gang joins a super secret animal task force to save the world? Find out as Penguins of Madagascar lands in cinemas on December 5th.