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Performance Capture icon Andy Serkis stars in brand new Audio Drama from

07 August 2014

Cast of audio dramatisation The Child includes Andy Serkis, Emilia Fox, Rupert Penry-Jones and Stephen Marcus today releases its first multi-cast audio dramatization: The Child by Sebastian Fitzek, featuring a star-studded cast.

The Child stars Andy Serkis, recently cast in the new Star Wars films, best known for his Lord of The Rings performances and fresh from his success in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. He stars alongside Silk, Law and Order: UK and Spooks’ Rupert Penry-Jones, Silent Witness’ Emilia Fox and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’ Stephen Marcus. Audible is also proud to introduce 15 year old Jack Boulter in the title role, with supporting narration from Hustle and Spooks’ Robert Glenister.

The Child is based on the internationally bestselling crime thriller by German author Sebastian Fitzek and will be exclusively available in audio significantly ahead of the first English-language print version.

The Child boasts production values rarely seen in audio drama, including special effects and specially composed music to create a truly immersive experience. It tells the story of defence attorney Robert Stern (Penry-Jones) embroiled in the case of a chronically ill child who insists he is a reincarnated murderer. His sensational claims are only backed up when he leads Stern and Carina (Fox) to discover some grisly remains, which show evidence of having the kind of injuries he has described.

So begins a sophisticated, intriguing, mysterious and often terrifying thriller, from one of the masters of the genre. German author Sebastian Fitzek’s international bestseller finds a perfect medium in this multi-cast audio dramatisation.

On recording The Child, Andy Serkis said: “It’s a lot to do with the imagination; it’s purely creating worlds, creating characters, creating situations and drama through sound and I love it. In fact, in many ways, I find it the most rewarding….I find it incredibly liberating because you can be anything, you can do anything”.

Rupert Penry-Jones added: “One thing that most actors say about recording an audioplay is ‘I love doing them, they’re so much fun’ and I think that’s the most important thing…you’ve just got to enjoy yourself”.

“Everybody that worked on The Child was superb and I was so happy to be involved. I had a wonderful and exciting time even though the story line was dark. I hope people don't get too frightened!” – Jack Boulter, 15 (The Child)

"The Child is an unmissable milestone for fans and newcomers to audio dramas alike. A compelling, star-studded drama that mixes narration, performance, music and soundscapes into a moving story about a troubled young boy and a shocking series of dark crimes in Berlin. Essential listening." - David Hewson, author of The Killing series.

Steve Carsey, Director of Original Programming (UK) at said: “We are delighted to be bringing such a thrilling, fast-paced and superbly-produced audio drama to UK audiences. With  Hollywood production values - and such a high profile and talented cast bringing Sebastian’s story and characters to life - The Child promises to intrigue, set pulses racing and genuinely raise the bar of audio entertainment around the world. We very much hope that audiences are just as excited about this fantastic release as we are."

The Child is now available to download from The first hour is available to listen to online for FREE!

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