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Pitt, The Gray Man?

16 August 2011

It looks as though Brad Pitt may be slipping into the role of an assassin once again, in the shape of The Gray Man.

Pitt is currently in talks right now to take on the lead role in the movie which would see him play the world’s greatest assassin who once worked for the CIA, but finds his name cropping up on the “burned” list after his latest job goes wrong. Due to this he must now go on the run to avoid the forces that are hunting him. With no help from his former employers he must get pretty creative when trying to save himself, and it doesn’t get any easier as he must also protect and save two girls who have no idea he’s their dad.

The film, which has been adapted from the thriller novel by Mark Greaney, will see James Gray directing while Adam Cozard will be writing the film’s script.

If Pitt does sign on, which it looks like he might, it is believed he would start filming after he has finished zombie invasion flick World War Z.


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