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Premila Puri’s One Day Conference The Kindness In Film Summit Announces It Will Debut Online On September 30

06 September 2021

The Kindness in Film Summit is a one-day conference and the latest project from producer Premila Puri, which is set to take place on September 30th, 2021. The intention of the summit is to shine a light on the importance of a kinder and more understanding approach to how we work. As we come out of the COVID-19 pandemic and many industries re-consider how best to interact with its workforce, The Kindness in Film Summit seeks to shine a light on the game changers and champions advocating and leading change within the film industry.

The idea of the Kindness in Film Summit emerged from Premila’s collective experiences of working within the industry as a film producer, as the founder of UK charity Be Kind Movement, and the creator of the KindInvest™ Program that delivers a kindness-based approach to create a more harmonious and productive working environment for organizations and individuals.



Puri had this to say on what led her to set up the summit “If the industry wants to prosper with fresh talent, be seen to be inclusive and representative, with staff and freelancers motivated, happy and committed to producing high quality work in non-toxic work environments with reduced mental health incidences, then the moment of urgency that demands change has arrived.

This change will require a cultural shift in organizational and individual thinking and behaviour that instils respect, compassion, and mindfulness towards oneself and towards others. Studies show embedding kindness into organizations leads to improved trust, greater collaboration and ultimately a more productive working environment that impacts the bottom line.”

The event will run from 9am to 7.30pm. Speakers set to feature at the event include Pinky Lilani MBE (DL Kindness in Leadership), Will Hanrahan (First Look TV), Jennifer Smith (BFI), Sadhbh Murphy (Network Ireland Television), Victoria Einslee (Actor and Founder Primetime Network), Sajid Varda (UK Muslim Film), Robin Millar CBE (Group Chairman Chrysalis Records), Bianca Gavin (Pulse Films), Tim Hunter (BAFTA), Tamara Abood (Psychotherapist & former Channel 4 Commissioning Editor), Ita O’Brien (Intimacy on Set), casting director Shakyra Dowling, Sara Putt (Sara Putt Associates), Adam Rubins (the arc), Paul Brett (Flying Tiger Entertainment), Michelle White (Six feet from the Spotlight), April Kelley (Mini Productions), Chris Overton (Slick Films), Lucy Powell (Film & TV Charity) and Anna Southgate (Penwoman).



The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted us to review how we work, interact, and socialize with our colleagues, peers and loved ones. Since last March, we as a country have displayed great kindness and empathy for the brave key workers, volunteers and strangers helping each other within their communities. It is also a year that saw a steep increase in mental health issues faced by many creatives fearful of an unknown future, a halt in movie production and exhibition, even as audience appetite has trebled tenfold. When combined with pre-existing issues the film and TV industry faces, such as bullying, sexual harassment, gender bias, inclusion, ageism, representation, and treatment of cast and crew, the need for change has never been so critical.

More information can be found, along with a full breakdown of the panels and speakers, and tickets can be purchased here.

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