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Presenting HOMELESS ASHES the Remarkable British Indie feature Debut from Marc Zammit Featuring a Stellar British Cast

11 July 2019

A remarkable new British independent feature film has been completed after four years of passionate crowdfunding by young actor Marc Zammit, also making his directorial debut with HOMELESS ASHES, which shines a light on homelessness and gives the homeless people a voice.

HOMELESS ASHES tells the story of Frankie, a young boy (played by Hector Bateman- Hardman, soon to be seen in the new TV series Four Weddings and a Funeral) who runs away from an abusive home only to grow up trying to survive on the streets (Grown-up Frankie is played by Marc Zammit). After fleeing from his parents Stuart (Dean Maskell) and Abbie (Angela Dixon), he falls-in with junkies including Viv (Kirsty J. Curtis) and Ryan (Lee Hunter), makes honest friends in Gavin (Jason Flemyng) and Chico (Lew Temple – The Walking Dead), and is reunited with childhood friend Nicole (Jamey May). But living on the streets takes its toll and not everyone survives. Hollyoaks favourite Fabrizio Santino, and US actress and singer Maria Howell (The Vampire Diaries) also star.



Marc lives and grew-up in London and witnessed homelessness on a huge scale in his local area, and indeed all over the country, something that touched him deeply, even as a child. He has been acting for 15 years and has appeared in high profile UK TV dramas such as Law and Order, and Silent Witness. He took his first leap into movies starring in the award-winning indie feature film "Pandorica". Marc fell in love with the idea of making his own feature films to tell stories that really connect, and matter, and started film production company Aptitude Films to build his knowledge and experience in filmmaking.

Marc says “The response to the screenings of Homeless Ashes at BAFTA and in Cannes this year, has been wonderful. Each person living homeless has a story and deserves to be heard. They are homeless but not invisible. I met many of them living on the streets of London whilst researching for this film. It is dedicated to them.”



The film is currently under consideration for key international Film Festivals, and has been invited to screen at Parliament. We are awaiting the date from the MP who chairs the Parliamentary Group on Homelessness.

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  1. Steve Brophy
    14 July 2019 at 6:23 pm — Reply

    Very excited about this film, we all need to be more aware of the giant scale of homelessness, and I look forward to seeing how Marc has handled it. With supreme sensitivity, I have no doubt.

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