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Presenting INCEL – A Short Film from Joshy Lee Starring Gisele Mauvecin, Camila Koller + Tom Brumpton Campaigning on GoFundMe

27 June 2018

“The Incel rebellion has already begun”

These chilling words hit headlines recently, posted publicly on social media, shortly before a self identified Incel committed a horrific mass killing.

What's the film about?
The film will look to enter into the world of the INCEL, or "Involuntarily Celibate". A community of men, created online, who have become warped in their world view of women. Believing in sexual entitlement and male superiority, the Incel movement is a dangerous and misogynistic group who have recently made headlines with a tragic attack in Toronto, killing 10 people.

The film will look to open the door on this little known section of society and present a situation that will both terrify and transfix. On top of this, our film will also look to shine a light on our own culpability as an audience and how our online digital world can create a distance between tragedy and empathy.

On the surface, INCEL is a short thriller/horror film about two women, struggling to survive against a dangerous man. Underneath this, the film highlights both our own perceptions of morality and the resulting hate that can happen when we look to find scapegoats for our own failings.



Young and beautiful social media influencers Laura and Jessica are living a star studded life of glamour and luxury. This all changes when they are suddenly snatched from their world of parties and paparazzi and thrown into a nightmare of terrifying misogyny and sexual entitlement. With the entire ordeal being live streamed across the world, their torture captivates millions and one wrong move could mean the ultimate cancellation.

From a talented team of young up and coming filmmakers that would like to present to you an amazing opportunity.

They are looking for funding for their next project, "INCEL". With just a small donation you could help to bring our vision to reality and be apart of something extremely special.

As individuals, all of our team have worked on some truly amazing projects; with our films being shown around the world and collecting various industry awards, we are experienced and eager to start our new project.



Who's involved?
Producer/Co-Writer/Cast (Laura): Gisele Mauvecin
Gisele Mauvecin is an actress and screenwriter. She was born in Cordoba Argentina, from a family of artists. She has a degree in social communication and acting training. She started to work as an actress in her country in drama plays, films, TV series and commercials. Then she moved to London and had acting training at LAMDA and the Actors Studio. She started to work as an actress there. Her last film Gender (which she wrote and starred) has won Best Drama at Oniros Film Festival and at New York Film Festival, Best Acting Duo at NY Film Festival, and Inspiring Woman in Film at Los Angeles Film Awards. Now she lives in Buenos Aires Argentina where she is having acting training with the prestigious Augusto Fernandez but she is always traveling to London to keep training and grow as a professional there.

Producer/Cast (Presenter): Faith Elizabeth
Faith Elizabeth is a Sussex based actress and producer. She recently starred in “13 Graves”, being sold in the Marchè at Cannes Film Festival this year. Faith has also started her production company “Faithful Films”, which she has currently produced 3 short films and is currently co-producing her first feature (“Dragonflies only live for 24 hours”). She has also been writing short films and is planning to direct her first short film this year. Faith is excited to be working on “Incel” both behind and in front of the camera.

Director: Joshy Lee
Joshy Lee was born in 1995, in Gloucester, UK. He is a visually driven experimental artist. Working to collaborate and create thrilling films for the audience to enjoy. He is the founder of Amarok Films [uk], a London and Cotswold, based production company, aiming to produce top quality projects such as, "Parasites"(2016), "Destitute Blues"(2016), "Nicotine"(2016) & "Sunset Hill"(2017).

Co-Writer: Andy Chapman
Andy Chapman is an up and coming screenwriter from Cambridgeshire, now residing in Manchester. After studying Film and TV screenwriting at the University of Central Lancashire, he returned to education, recently completing his masters degree in Scriptwriting, also at UCLAN. His first major project, "A Still Sunrise" won the Oniros Film Award Monthly Edition for best drama, was a semi-finalist in the Los Angles Cinefest and was screened at the Cannes film festival, as part of the short film corner.

Cast (Jessica): Camila Koller
Camila is a Swiss-chilean actress and singer-songwriter, based both in London and in Tessin, in the South of Switzerland. She graduated from the London School of Dramatic Art and recently completed her first year at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (BA Songwriting). After graduating from the London School of Dramatic Art, she co-founded a Women’s Short film Festival and a theatre company in Switzerland, where she took part in a number of musical plays. She also starred in several short films and music videos and started her personal music project by writing her own songs. In late 2016 she released her first album “A Thousand Doors”. A few of the songs were included in the Swiss web series “Arthur”, winner of the Web Series World Cup 2016. The soundtrack was also awarded by several festivals, including the Vancouver Web Fest and Melbourne WebFest.

Cast (The Driver): Tom Brumpton
Born and raised in Lincolnshire, Tom began acting initially in short plays before completing a BTEC in Performing Arts at Lincoln College in 2004. He later went on to study music for two years, before later returning to acting in 2009. He went on to work on a number of projects, including the Warp Films/Channel 4 pilot "Privado". He spent the next few years working on short films and commercials before co-directing the short, "The Samaritan", in 2015 and later the horror short, "Nurture Of The Beast" in 2016. Both were picked as Official Selections at various film festivals, including the LA Cinefest, 15 Second Horror Film Challenge, Indie Wise and Screen One International Film Festival and was named as a Finalist in the IndustryBOOST Competition.

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