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Presenting PIE and IRENE: River Crossing Productions Announces Two New Projects Featuring Amazing Women, Their Dreams and Struggles

01 August 2019

River Crossing Productions announces their new projects, all featuring amazing women, their dreams and struggles

Following the worldwide success of director Luisa Pretolani's previous Documentary "Mandy's Choice", River Crossing Productions is now filming a very short documentary called “IRENE: tapping the rhythm of life".

Main and only subject is Mrs Irene Hayes, an 86 years old dancer recently awarded a British Empire Medal for running the Superarts Academy since 1962, were she still teaches. 



Actress and Producer Alida Pantone, that recently joined the London based production company as Head of Development, explains that this micro documentary is part of a bigger series called “Female Faces” that will tour venues, galleries and theatres in all continents starting from Europe and expanding to Asia, USA and more and explains "River Crossing Production‘s now established editor Scott Edwards has been very busy working across all the productions and I can’t trust anyone better than him. We are very lucky to have this calibre of professional in our beautiful team.'



Next in the bake for the "all female team" production company is “PIE”, a short story with a quirky look to a very different view about men and how to conquer their heart…if that even needs to happen. The old say “a woman gets to a man via his stomach” doesn’t apply anymore for many women who have a very different take on the worth of their lives, their independence, and the meaning of love. While Doris (interpreted by Alida Pantone) is the perfect housewife who lives with rules now greatly surpassed, Rayon (Rachele Fregonese) has tasted her independence and that includes the sweet and soft pies cooked for one own’s pleasure!

"PIE" is about female independence, and how difficult it is to get rid of the outdated stereotypes that still thrive around us.



"Over the past three years, River Crossing Productions has established itself with award winners cast and crew," says director Luisa Pretolani "Once again in "PIE" we will have the pleasure to work with well established creatives and artists such as award winner composer Emilio Merone and Costume Designer Maurizio Basile (The Portrait of a Lady; Sense and Sensibility)."

A busy summer for the girls at River Crossing, and it's only "the beginning". In fact, with the award winning short film "The Glove" still doing the festival circuit and 2 productions in the making, there are already rumours of a feature film set to be filmed in 2020: "The Cook".

About River Crossing Productions
River Crossing Productions
is a vibrant production company making feature films, documentaries and music videos. Award-winner producer/director Luisa Pretolani founded River Crossing in 2016 (following the success of the New York-based PAHNI Productions founded in 1997) with the aim to keep working on outstanding film projects focusing on social and political issues and unique, intimate human stories.


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