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Puppet Horror Film ABRUPTIO From Filmmaker Evan Marlowe Announced To Screen At Manchester’s GrimmFest This October

06 October 2023

ABRUPTIO, the highly acclaimed feature from writer/director Evan Marlowe, is set to screen as the closing film at Grimmfest on October 8th! The event, which will run at the Odeon Great Northern in Manchester, will feature four days of movies, Q&As, talks and exclusive events.

The trailer can be found here on Vimeo. Tickets for the event can be purchased here.

The stacked voice cast includes James Marsters (Buffy The Vampire Slayer), Christopher McDonald (Hacks), Hana Mae Lee (Pitch Perfect), Jordan Peele (Get Out), the late Sid Haig (House Of 1000 Corpses) and Robert Englund (A Nightmare On Elm Street). The film is scored by Savage & Spies (The Human Centipede) and was produced by Kerry Marlowe.

The movie, enacted entirely using lifelike puppets, follows Les Hackel (Marsters), a guy down on his luck, who wakes to find an explosive device has been implanted in his neck. He must carry out heinous crimes in order to stay alive while trying to identify the mastermind manipulating the now twisted and strange world around him.



ABRUPTIO has been an international festival darling and has garnered numerous awards, including Best Horror Film, Best Director, Best Cast and Best Effects. 

Speaking about the film, Marlowe has said "The advantage of puppets is they never age. You can capture a vocal performance and then spend the next few years shooting the film at your leisure. You can also do things with a puppet that would be impossible, or at least very painful, using a live human!"

Reviews of the film have been glowing. Dread Central has said, "Nothing in this movie comes close to being normal", while Fanboy Planet said, "A fever dream, ABRUPTIO weaves in stylistic touches from 1970s horror cinema and manga", and Morbidly Beautiful has said, "ABRUPTIO is astonishing - a film full of puppets that probes the depth of humanity."

A California native, Marlowe, who also acted as cinematographer and editor, is an author as well, writing under the name E Stuart Marlowe. While he prefers horror and is a proud member of the Horror Writers Association, he is a big fan of noir, surrealism, and historical fiction. ABRUPTIO is his third feature film, following Blood Rush and Horror House.

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