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Rachel McAdams and Owen Wilson sparkle in Woody Allen’s most successful film to date

19 July 2011

Rachel McAdams has proved, along with Owen Wilson and director Woody Allen, that they've still got it at the box office. Whether it's Woody Allen's writing or Rachel and Owen's on screen chemistry or a mixture of the both, matters not, as Midnight In Paris has cleaned up at the box office, making it Woody Allen's most successful film to date earning $40.4 million dollars. Which is a lot coming from a man who in 1986 grossed over $40 million with Hannah and Her Sisters.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Midnight In Paris is;

'the rare specialty title that catches fire with general audiences. Sony Classics' Michael Barker and Tom Bernard say there are several reasons why the film is resonating.
For one, the movie embraces Paris in a way that appeals to anyone who has either visited the city, or wants to visit. And Wilson plays the sort of "everyman" character that moviegoers tend to see in more mainstream films, versus in arthouse titles (or in an Allen's film). It also helps that critics across the country - and not just in New York - have given Midnight in Paris great reviews.'

Midnight In Paris stars Owen Wilson as a put-upon writer who feels stifled in his relationship with fiancée Rachel McAdams and with his life in general. While in Paris, he inadvertently begins spending his nights hanging out with the likes of F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald (Tom Hiddleston and Allison Pill), and Ernest Hemingway (Corey Stoll) to name but a few.

Midnight In Paris doesn't have a UK release date yet but we will let you know as soon as its announced.

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