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Rachel Nichols talks Tamara in Conan the Barbarian 3D

22 August 2011

With Conan the Barbarian coming to UK cinemas on Wednesday in eye popping 3D, The Fan Carpet have two special treats for you, the first being a brand new interview with the gorgeous Rachel Nichols who plays Tamara and secondly we have added some fantastic new stills to the gallery.

The colossal legend that is CONAN THE BARBARIAN is back this Summer. Having thrived and evolved for eight decades in the public imagination - in prose and graphics, on the big screen and small - Conan’s exploits in the Hyborian Age now come alive like never before.

Shot in 3D, the reimagining of one man’s mythical battle for revenge is finally here in this Epic action-adventure film. Directed By Marcus Nispel, starring Jason Momoa as Conan, plus Rachel Nichols, Stephen Lang, Rose McGowan, Said Taghmaoui and Ron Perlman.

Rachel Nichols sat down for an interview to talk about her role of Tamara in the Marcus Nispel remake…


Can you describe Tamara for me and explain why she is so important to the story?

You’re introduced to this monk in a monastery, and there’s a veil and lots of white flowing fabric. And when I was reading the script, I thought, ‘Ok, this is the character I’m reading for—who is she?’ The truth of the matter is if she doesn’t know who she is until about five minutes in. After her introduction she’s stripping an enemy of a sword and threatening him with it. She’s got this innate instinct and you’re not quite sure where it comes from. Tamara is the lynch pin of the whole story because Khalar Zym, the bad guy, is in search of me because my pure line of blood. He needs to  sacrifice me to get his dead wife back. Conan the Barbarian wants Khalar because Khalar killed Conan’s father - and so it’s this thing where everybody wants me. Conan wants me because he wants Khalar and Khalar wants me because he wants his wife back.  I’m the centrepiece of the battle of good versus evil, if you will. By no means the damsel in distress - it was quite fun, to be action oriented. She’s the tie that binds.


In the olden days, she would have been your archetypal damsel in distress. Was it nice to be a surprisingly modern woman?

Absolutely, it’s one of the things that I spoke about with Marcus Nispel in the beginning. It was one of the things that came out in the script. In the olden days, they would have been tied up with tissue paper and they can’t get out and there’s furry bikini involved. They are swooning and fainting and I went, ‘That’s not her at all, never going to be.’ And that’s what so fun about it. In action and horror genres a lot recently, if you got a female as your lead character she’s kicking ass and taking names.




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Lionsgate presents CONAN THE BARBARIAN at UK cinemas Wednesday 24th August 2011