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Rachel Weisz talks openly about her marriage to Daniel Craig and the Weinstein scandal in this Weeks issue of ES Magazine

25 January 2018

Academy Award winning British actress, Rachel Weisz, talks candidly about how she never thought she would get married, and her relationship with Daniel Craig.

The actress opens up about spending her early teenage years working as a model and questions why it took 20 years for the media to pick up on Weinstein.

Interview highlights

On her marriage to Daniel Craig ‘You make it your own. It’s very personal, it’s very private. I don’t think mine’s particularly exceptional apart from that we’re both in the public eye.’ [She pauses.] ‘But I never thought I would get married. It was not an ambition of mine. It was the opposite. I couldn’t relate to romantic comedies — marriage seems to be the whole point of them. Then it just happened, happily, at a more mature moment.’

On working as a model, aged 14 [Somewhat incongruously, given her self-confessed issues with authority, Weisz also worked as a model when she was just 14.] ‘I wanted to be very independent, I was trying to earn my own money and, at the time, it seemed quite glamorous, like it would give me access to power or something,’ [she shrugs.] ‘But you have to be very disciplined — successful models work very, very hard. I was not a good model.’



On friend Sophie Dix speaking out against Weinstein for 20 years ‘My friend Sophie Dix [the British actress who is one of Harvey Weinstein’s accusers] has been talking about this since the 1990s. [Weinstein allegedly assaulted her in a hotel room at The Savoy when she was 22]. ‘She would tell anyone who would listen her story, for the last 20 years. And no one seemed to care,’ [Weisz says. What does she think changed?]

‘I think his power was on the wane,’ [she shrugs.] ‘Same with Bill O’Reilly, same with Charlie Rose [two prominent television news anchors accused of sexual misconduct]. It’s about economics — they weren’t turning over the big bucks any more. That’s not an optimistic thing to say, but this is all about power and money.’



The full interview appears in this week’s issue of ES Magazine, Thursday 25th January

Photos © Bay Garnett

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