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Red Tails Trailer Soars In

30 July 2011

The very first trailer for the George Lucas produced Red Tails has finally landed online, you can check it out below, and from the trailer alone it looks pretty magnificent. Lucas is obviously only producing, with TV director Anthony Hemmingway calling shots (Hemmingway is new to working on the big screen having only directed TV shows like The Wire, CSI, and True Blood, which is an impressive CV regardless and shows he is more than capable to make the leap into movies)

With Lucas backing the production, Red Tails really is a labour of love and its taken years for this film to finally come to fruition. The visuals from the trailer look stunning, and it looks like ILM have really outdone themselves with some of the aeiral stuntwork which looks absolutely breathtaking.

The plot of the film tells of the the very first African American fighter pilots who were called into service when the US Army was in dire straits, their bombers were being shot done left right and centre and soon it became apparent that to prevent a pilot from flying simply from the colour of his skin was a foolish notion, and these men were just as brave as those already fighting.

Theres a few moments were the film looks like it might fall prey to the odd cliche, but when you're making a film like this and ultimately it still has to be a cinematic experience its hard to avoid those moments, inevitably there has to be a passionate speech or a soaring, inspirational piece of music. Despite this, the film looks beautiful, and is rounded out by a fantastic cast including, Cuba Gooding Jr, Terrence Howard , David Oyelowo and the dad from Malcolm In The Middle!

Theres no set date for the UK release yet but given it comes out in the States on the 20th January, it shouldnt be too long after that.