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Reese Witherspoon confirms new relationship with Jim Toth

22 March 2010

If anyone was in any doubt about Reese Witherspoon's relationship status, then this picture should give you a pretty good clue.

The Academy Award winning actress was spotted on her second date with Hollywood agent Jim Toth last night. But when the pair were rumbled by photographers, a blushing Reese put on the kind of display you might expect from a love struck teenager caught out.

Witherspoon split with Brokeback Mountain star Gyllenhaal in December after three years together.

The couple met on the set of Rendition in late 2006 - a few months after she split from ex-husband Ryan Phillippe, father of her two children Ava, 10, and Deacon, six. Sources close to the couple said the relationship had just run its course.

It looks like we can move Reese Witherspoon and CAA agent Jim Toth into the "officially dating" column. It's been a slow process leading up to this public display of coupledom-first a "flirtatious" dinner only witnessed by a few, then another one, this time with actual video to prove it happened, and now they're walking hand in hand around Ojai, Calif.

Reese and Jim were said to be visiting the small town to get an early start celebrating Reese's 34th birthday.  


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