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Renner The Bank Robber

21 September 2011

Jeremy Renner has signed up to both produce and star in a movie adaptation of the J North Conway novel, King of Heists.

It looks as though the movie star has been bitten by the bank robber bug, after receiving an Oscar nomination for his role in The Town, where he also stole a lot of money.

The film documents the true life tale of George Leslie, a man who arrived in New York during the 1860s, looking like an ordinary gentleman. However he was hiding a rather big secret from people, he put together and pulled off a huge heist during 1878 at a Manhattan Saving institution which saw him get away with around $3 million. Being the brilliant robber that he was no one guessed he was involved until after his death.

The script will be written by Will Staples, who is well known in the gaming world and is currently involved in writing a sci-fi flick for James Cameron.  Renner will be producing along with his partner Don Hadfield.

It is currently unknown who else will be staring in the project or when it will begin filming, but with the script still being written it looks like it may be a while yet.


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