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RESEARCH: From Queuing In Blockbuster To Viewing In The Bathtub… How Our Movie Habits Have Transformed In A Decade

24 January 2020

From queuing in Blockbuster to viewing in the bathtub… How our movie habits have transformed in a decade

Who’d have guessed it, just years ago 58% of Brits would wait for the latest movies to hit the TV, which could be months or years after cinema release

Now we’re buying or renting movies digitally, meaning we can enjoy brand new films on the commute, in the bath, or even at the hairdressers

But cutting through the digital jargon of streaming, renting, downloading, owning and catch-up is confusing for up to 64% of us

The digital revolution has transformed how we enjoy movies after they leave the silver screen. New research of 2000 adults, released to celebrate Mega Movie Week, shows how impressive the shift has been, reminding us that just years ago we had to either hit the shops or wait for months before watching the latest movies. Now, there’s no need to even leave your sofa, with thousands of us benefiting from buying or renting movies digitally.



The UK has identified the top benefits of buying or renting movies digitally as…

  1. Ability to select and watch films instantly (29%)
  2. It’s easy and straightforward (27%)
  3. Being able to watch any time anywhere on my devices (25%)
  4. Having access to a huge amount of choice whilst not having to leave the comfort of my own home, or even the sofa (23%)
  5. Being able to watch when travelling e.g. on the plane or a train journey (16%)



In fact, Brits are increasingly building their digital TV & movie collection to watch when out and about, something we’d never have dreamt of even 10 years ago. 10% of us have loaded movies onto our mobile devices to keep us entertained on the move, naming the holiday poolside and beach, the bath and even doctor’s waiting room as unexpected places to enjoy brilliant movies.

Parents have been hugely impacted by the shift in access to content, with the ability to watch movies at anytime, anywhere on devices, being beneficial with keeping the kids entertained when out and about.

Although the benefits are plentiful and have transformed our access to the very best content, 64% of respondents admitted that the variety of terminology can sometimes be confusing. With terms such as streaming, downloading, renting, owning, buying and keeping being used, advice from a technology expert is in demand.



The Gadget’s Show’sGeorgie Barrat says.  “I’m obsessed with technology and the latest advances, but sometimes we just need to take pause and remember how much the digital age has transformed and improved one of the nation’s favourite pastimes, watching brilliant movies. A decade ago, I don’t think any of us would have expected to be able to instantly and easily enjoy our favourite films during our work lunchbreak, whilst on holiday or in on the dull commute to work. I do appreciate there’s so many options out there, that sometimes it can be confusing. I look forward to chatting about our weirdest and most wonderful viewing experiences but also, how we can cut through the jargon to ensure we’re all able to make the most of the brilliant offers across Mega Movie Week.”



To celebrate, you can access fantastic offers across the latest and greatest films digitally – many of them fresh from the cinema – in the Mega Movie Week promotion, live Monday 20th – Sunday 26th January.  You can download and keep from a number of digital stores including Sky Store, Amazon Prime Video etc, and there is no need to sign up to a subscription.



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