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Respected British Actor Cengiz Dervis Set to Star in and Produce Marcus Harben’s DRAKE alongside Ella Jarvis and Senol Dervis

20 April 2017

The dark, supernatural tale DRAKE is set to begin filming with respected British actor Cengiz Dervis being the driving force behind the project.

Acting as one of the film’s five producers and stepping in front of the camera to play lead role Carter Drake, Dervis will take his vision of a former boxing champion that’s having visions of apocalyptic monsters to the screen.

It’s not the first time that Dervis has played Carter Drake, a graphic novel titled ‘The Drake Files’ was released along with an award winning short film titled Drake in 2013 to initiate the project. The response and feedback received led to director and writer Marcus Harben coming on board to refine the concept and give the storyline time to be fully explored. Now being part of both the on screen and off screen action, action star Dervis’ vision will be going into pre-production late 2017.

Dervis said “We received such a fantastic response from the short film ‘Drake’ it reinforced our vision to turn it into a feature length film with an ambition to launch a TV series. We’ve spent the last two years working on the script and coming up with creative new ways to explore the storyline and the relationship between the characters. As the creator of the characters and concept, Drake isn’t just a job for me, it’s a passion project that I can’t wait to see be brought to life.”


In the film, struggling with an alcohol addiction and hitting rock bottom, former boxer Carter Drake begins to be plagued with visions of monsters and demons. When he’s approached by a charming woman to undertake a job, his life takes a dark turn as he begins to realise that his supernatural visions aren’t just a figment of his imagination. Confronted with danger and his estranged wife and daughter being placed at risk, Drake must choose which path to walk and holds the fate of the world in his hands.

Taking inspiration from the graphic novel ‘The Drake Files’, which Dervis also created, the dark twists, emotions, and superb cast and impressive crew are set to captivate audiences worldwide.

To learn more about Drake visit.

To discover more about Cengiz and his upcoming projects, visit his IMDb page.

About Cengiz Dervis
A former professional kickboxing and martial arts champion. He began training as an actor whilst competing in tournaments. Learning the basics in London, he perfected his craft by attending classes, courses and workshops in Paris, New York and LA. Working in student films and fringe theatre initially, he’s since taken the lead in a number of award-winning festival short films, all while continuing to learn and develop with expert coaches in the UK and US when not on a project.

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