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The Internet Has Grown, Especially Over The Last Few Years Review Sites Are Becoming More Important In Today’s World – Here’s Why

04 November 2020

As the Internet has grown, and especially over the last few years, online reviews and associated sites have become more important, not least in the film industry when choosing films to watch or which boxset to binge. With this in mind, it’s essential to know why these things happen and what it means for the future.

Had you ever noticed that IMDB is a review site?

The idea of online reviews is nothing new. They have existed in the tech world and on e-commerce sites such as Amazon for several years, but in more recent times, they’ve branched out into other key areas. Well-regarded sites such as IMDB exhibit this exact point - their very nature as a review aggregator is reflective of the direction that society is heading in when it comes to the way we choose what to watch. As much as IMDB is designed as a database of films first and foremost, it also has the features of a review site, providing readers with user-written reviews of their ever-growing database of films and television shows.


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The integration for IMDB with other types of content extends out further when you find out that they’re owned by Amazon. That's likely why links for Amazon’s own Prime Video service appear in rather prominent locations, such as above the site’s navigation menus. This is a move to make users stay with IMDB for longer as they can offer multiple services all at once, be it for reviews, providing information on individual actors’ roles and characters since the start of their career, or directing people to where they can view certain films or TV shows.

Review sites come in all shapes, sizes and industries

There are also sites out there dedicated to product reviews on all manner of items such as esteemed tech site CNET who also take the one-stop-shop approach, offering not just reviews, but also news pieces. This idea of having everything in one place aims to make the Internet an easier place to navigate around and also a more fun place to be.

It’s should be noted that this jack-of-all-trades approach isn’t just exclusive to IMDB, but also extends out to other sectors in the entertainment industry, such as online casinos. Comparison sites such as offer specific pages categorising providers by bonus. For example, one page shows users all the $1 minimum deposit mobile casino sites out there, bringing various providers together in one convenient place. It means that you don’t have to waste time searching on Google for your exact requirements and also allows you to find games on a variety of sites to enjoy. What’s more, minimum deposit casinos represent the perfect opportunity to try out new games without investing heavily.


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Review and comparison websites are increasingly becoming vital to the way the Internet operates. As people spend more time engaging with online content, the likelihood that we’ll need to refer to review and comparison sites will increase, making them a cornerstone of our time on the platform.

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