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Reynard is the craftiest fox on the Web as Sander Dufourmont and Wouter Geerits unveil the Trailer for Reynard: The Tale of the Fox

27 June 2016

Ghent, BE - Sander Dufourmont and Wouter Geerits are pleased to announce the release of their trailer for Reynard: The Tale of the Fox.

Earlier this year their Kickstarter campaign to generate intrest in the unique retelling of the medieval fable of Reynaert the Fox was successfully funded. They used the collected funds to make a trailer for the fable in a interesting mix of handcrafted stop-motion and digital animation.

Their goal was to make keep the fable alive and trigger people to discover the full fable. The trailer focusses on the critical (and still relevant) undertone of the original fable, satirising human society and revealing our true instincts.




Dufourmont and Geerits are freshly graduated digital design students from LUCA School Of Arts Ghent, Belgium and won the jury prize of the year with Reynard: The Tale of the Fox as their final project. They explain, “All of our projects are just files on hard drives, intangible ones and zeroes. But during our years of course, we discovered that making something with our hands, and experimenting with all sorts of material gave us way more satisfaction in the end. So we decided to make the proces of this video very tangible and one big experiment which is now, once again, bundled in just another file of ones and zeroes on our computer.”


Reynard, the tale of the fox from Sander Dufourmont on Vimeo.

All the sets and puppets are handmade, but the puppets haven’t got limbs or faces. After recording them in stop-motion, all arm and leg movements and facial expressions were animated digitally. The faces are drawn by Baksteen B, an illustrator based in Ghent, Belgium. The voice-over artist, also a fellow country man, is the very talented Nic De Houwer. For the amazing music and sound-design, the duo went looking outside Belgium and teamed up with GroundBIRD from Sheffield, United Kingdom.

The duo has the ambition to make a short film of the full epic tale of Reynaert the fox, of course again in their own witty translation.

All images © Sander Dufourmont




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