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Rising Star ANNA DANSHINA Takes Home Four Best Actress Awards for her Turn as Lana in Award Winning Mockumentary LOVE POSSIBLY

28 November 2018




Taking the acting world by storm, Russian rising star Anna Danshina takes home 4 awards for Best Actress across numerous countries, for her role played in the award-winning film Love Possibly.

Anna plays the lead female role in the new feature film ‘Love Possibly’, directed by Che Grant and Michael Boccalini. The feature film is a rom-com about an obsessed virgin (Alex Cough, played by Steve Hodgetts), who finally finds his fiancée (Lana Marusheva, played by Anna Danshina) on a Russian bride site. Lana decides to move to London to marry him, but rom-com obsessed Alex soon realises that true romance is far from ordering a mail order bride.

The film has been incredibly successful already. It has been selected for 17 international film festivals, winning 20 awards so far including 8 awards for the best feature film (or equivalent) and 4 awards for the best actress for Anna.

Amongst these successes are awards for “Best International Feature” at the Laughlin International Film Festival 2018, the Catalina Film Festival 2018 and The LA Edge Film Awards 2018, “Best Feature” at the LA Indie Film Fest 2018, “Best Narrative Feature” at the International Independent Film Awards 2018 and the Hollywood Sun Awards 2018, “Best Foreign Feature” at the Royal Wolf Film Awards 2018 and “Best Comedy (Silver)” at the West Coast International Film Festival 2018.

Anna has taken home awards for “Best Actress” for ‘Love Possibly’ at the Hollywood Sun Awards 2018, the Snowdance Film Awards 2018 and the Royal Wolf Film Awards 2018, and “Best Supporting Actress” at the prestigious and highly competitive Laughlin International Film Festival 2018.

The film was screened at the Raindance Film Festival 2018, the LA Indie Film Fest 2018 and the Catalina Film Festival 2018 in September, and the Laughlin International Film Festival 2018 and the Glendale International Film Festival 2018 in October. Love Possibly remains entered for competition at the Strasburg Film Festival 2018 (Virginia, USA) with a screening on 11th November, the Comedy World Network International Film Festival 2018, Los Angeles Cinefest 2019 and Crossing The Screen International Film Festival 2018 (Eastbourne, UK) at which it will again be screened on 3rd December.



Anna says “I am very glad that our film has been so well received. We completed most of the shooting in the summer of 2016 and it took us more than two years to edit and finalise the film, but it was definitely worth waiting for. Everyone who worked on this film was very excited when we were accepted by more than a dozen film festivals in Britain, USA and even Russia. We were all very pleased, because some of these film festivals, like Raindance in London and Catalina International Film Festival in LA, are very well known and have gained international recognition. To be screened at such festivals is already a great honour, for example at Raindance this year there were more than 8000 entries.

We were absolutely thrilled when we received our first award, however, for me one of the most remarkable moments was when we received the “Best International Feature Film” award at Catalina International Film Festival. The festival is an annual event which takes place on Catalina Island in California, USA. The ceremony took place in the Avalon theatre, which was the first movie theatre in the world to be designed specifically for films with sound. It felt absolutely magical to be on the same stage with some very famous and prominent actors such as Academy Award Winner Richard Dreyfuss, who received the Richard Kramer Social Artist Award on the same night.



Another remarkable experience for me was at the Laughlin International Film Festival in Nevada, USA where we received the “Best International Feature Film” award and I received the “Best Supporting Actress” award. Because ‘Love Possibly’ was my first feature film since I graduated from the Drama Centre London in 2016, it made me especially happy to be recognised for my part in this film. I have to say that I feel very privileged that I worked on ‘Love Possibly’ with such a great team including the Directors Che Grant and Michael Boccalini, actor Steve Hodgetts, Composer Daniel Zeldis, and many other talented members of our cast and crew. I am very happy that their hard work on this film was recognized by many jury panels in different countries. I am looking forward to the beginning of November when we will know the release date in 2019.

With regards to my other work, a few weeks ago I finished working on the feature film “Break” directed by Michael Elkin and starring Rutger Hauer in which I played the part of Alena. I felt privileged to work with Rutger Hauer on set. Everyone knows him as a great actor, and I also think he is an exceptionally nice person, everyone loved to work wth him on set. The film will be released in 2019.

I am also very excited that my other feature film ‘The Bromley Boys’ (based on a true story), directed by Steve Kelly, where I played Anoushka, the Russian girlfriend of Bromley Football Club’s Chairman Charlie McQueen, played by Jamie Foreman, is doing very well at the moment as we are currently the number One in Comedy and overall the number Five best-selling DVD on Amazon. The film had its premiere at Wembley Stadium in May this year and has many well-known British actors in it including Martine McCutcheon, Alan Davies, Brenock O’Connor and Adam Deacon.

At the moment I am working on the theatre play “Ajax” by Sophocles, playing Odysseus. If we are successful, we will perform at the Festival of Ancient Greek Theatre in Cyprus in June/July 2019 at the ancient amphitheater Kourion in Limassol”.



Previously, Anna has starred in several feature films including: ‘Cordelia’ directed by Adrian Shergold, ‘You, Me and Him’ directed by Daisy Aitkens and 'Shapes' directed by Roberto Prestia. Anna has also appeared in TV shows ‘Family Matters’ and ‘Your Day in Court’. She has also been in many theatre productions such as ‘Cockroaches’, ‘Joy Division’, ‘Notes From Underground’, ‘Morphine’, ‘The Idiot’ and ‘Wife For Sale’.

Anna is a graduate from the Drama Centre London 2016. She was born in Siberia and grew up in St. Petersburg. She is very intellectual and is a graduate of Oxford University where she was the president of the Oxford University Russian Society.

The Fan Carpet's Marc Jason Ali and Danielle Jacqueline Murphy were in attendance last night at a Special screening of Love Possibly at London's Ham Yard Hotel, and talking about Love Possibly, Marc said "It's hilarious, set up in a mockumentary style, the film follows Alex on his adventures in love. It's fun and engaging to see him get it so wrong.

Anna is fantastic as Lana; bringing a wonderful balance of strength and vulnerability to the role. Her accolades are vey well deserved, she is definitely one to watch."



Please check out Anna’s show reel and social channels on her Official Website, Twitter and Instagram and on Spotlight and IMDb.

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