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Rita Ramnani Plays Hedda Gabler in Latest Film Version set to become the most lavish version ever filmed for big or small screen to date

18 August 2015

“Then Life Might Be Liveable, In Spite Of Everything”

• Hedda was shot at its lavish, historic location in Somerset, UK. Maunsel House; owned by Sir Benjamin Slade

• Already, there is growing interest from distributors in Europe and Australia, and a major UK broadcaster.

• Taking full advantage of the opportunities film adaptation presents, this production will be more daring and explicit than any other previous film or television version. The move is likely to be a controversial one with Ibsen fans. Characters referred to, which never appear in the stage play, will be created for the first time and make their dramatic debut.




Director Matthew John has taken this classic story by Henrik Ibsen and retold it in his version of "Hedda Gabler". The film was released in 2015. Rita Ramnani is Hedda herself.

The story is of Hedda, beautiful daughter of the late General Gabler, returns from her honeymoon with scholar husband Jorgen to confront the boredom and banality of married life. Although she has little more than amused contempt for her husband, she is pregnant by him and is revolted by the thought of carrying his child and the changes that motherhood will impose upon her future. When the re-appearance of an old flame of hers threatens both Jorgen's career prospects and her own amour propre, Hedda contrives to bring about Lovborg's destruction but, in the process, also brings about her own.




Quotes from Rita:

“Having studied Hedda Gabler in school this was an opportunity I was not going to let pass me by. As director Matthew John will tell you, I fought for this role as I knew I was up for the challenge and it was something I knew would be a very important stepping stone in my career.”

“I broached this character much like I do in every way and that was by studying the script until I knew it back to front. This was obviously more challenging due to the language but Ibsen is a brilliant writer and everything was there for me. This wasn't a case of doing my own interpretation of Hedda, I wanted to lift the true character from page to screen so it was important to me not to draw on previous actress who have brought this infamous role to life.”

“For me, Hedda Gabler is very much the tortured soul suffocating in a world that she doesn't belong to, where men very much have all the power and control and if you were not married into wealth, life would be very difficult, especially for a woman. It was so important to convey this part of the story. Hedda chose a life of comfort however it came at a big a price whereby she had no voice to express her unhappiness nor was she able to escape from the manipulative hands of Judge Brack. Ibsen has written her descent into depression and ultimately her demise in such a way that you can see it building up inside of her to the point where she feels she has no choice and no other means of escape. Myself and the director really wanted to handle this delicately and I can only hope that we have done the story justice as we proposed to from the start.”

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Details on film:
DIRECTOR: Matthew John

WRITER(S): Henrik Ibsen (Stage), Matthew John (Screenplay)

PRODUCER(S): Matthew John, Nigel Edwards, Tracey Stack, Sir Benjamin Slade

Rita Ramnani ... Hedda Gabler
Jon-Paul Gates ... Judge Brack
Samantha E. Hunt ... Mrs. Thea Elvsted
David R. Butler ... Jørgen Tesman
Francisco Ortiz ... Ejlert Løvborg
Christine Winter...Miss Juliana Tesman
Sephora Venites ... Mademoiselle Diana
Sir Benjamin Slade ... Lord Carrington

About Rita Ramnani
Rita is a British born actress trained from LAMDA and The Atlantic Theatre Company in New York. Her role as rebellious teenager in the movie 'Umbrage: First Vampire' starring Doug Bradley earned her a nomination at the British Horror Awards. The movie is still being aired on the Horror Channel. She gained further recognition with the smash hit 'The Rise and Fall of a White Collar Hooligan' which became a big success on Netflix and led her to star in the sequel which succeeded the first. She most recently starred in the ITV drama 'Chasing Shadows' alongside Noel Clarke, Reece Shearsmith and Alex Kingston. Since then she was cast as the guest lead in an episode of Doctors which is to be aired later this month. Her latest movie the political thriller 'A Dark Reflection' is currently at various cinemas around the UK having just had its red carpet premier in Horsham.

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