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River Crossing Productions’ THE GLOVE starts the Festival Circuit Strong and wins Europa Film Festival’s Audience Award

22 March 2019

The Glove starts the festival circuit by winning its first award at Europa Film Festival.

River Crossing's latest production The Glove, directed by Luisa Pretolani and completed in January this year, has been selected by Europa Film Festival few days after starting its festival circuit.

On March 8th the public attending the screening presented The Glove with the Audience Award.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled” said director and executive producer Luisa Pretolani. “It’s an honour to know that the movie we worked so hard on, is being well received by the audience. It’s certainly a promising start.”



But Pretolani’s short film success does not stops here. Few days after the award, The Glove has been selected by CoSm Women’s Visionary Film Symposium.

The CoSM Women’s Visionary Film Symposium is a four-day showcase of new and established female artists who are making an impact in filmmaking worldwide. It will take place in New York from the 30th of May to the 2nd of June 2019.



“We look forward to CoSM Women’s Visionary Film Symposium. Since River Crossing is an all female production company, being selected for this festival is an honour, and gives us hope that the industry is finally changing its attitude towards women”, said River Crossing’s production team member Rachele Fregonese.

“We look forward to see what else is in store for The Glove this year.” Declared producer Alida Pantone. “Meanwhile, we’re already in pre-production for our next project “Coming Back” by Alessio Rupalti and in development for an extraordinary feature film!”.



The Glove is a short film produced by River Crossing Productions, Clash and Cimenac.


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Director Biography
Luisa Pretolani is a writer, director, producer and the founder of River Crossing Productions. Her career brought her to work both in New York (for Pahni Productions) and in London. Her film work - whether fiction or non-fiction - focuses on social and political issues and unique, intimate human stories.

After 10 years as a producer for various broadcasters including Discovery Channel, Al Jazeera International and ITV, Luisa has come back to directing with the short "The Lift" starring Ivano Marescotti. "The Glove" with Tony Hirst, Kate Isitt, Birgitta Bernhard and Alex Marriott is her last short film. 2018 has been a very busy season directing music videos for the progressive rock band Karmamoi to launch their new song "Mother's Dirge" and for composer/producer Emilio Merone & Zozo with "I Will Find You".
Whilst organizing the fourth year of the Draper Film and Music Academy, a London community-embedded film school for young people living at the Elephant and Castle, Luisa is developing new projects for River Crossing. Her feature "The Cook" to be filmed in Poland and UK late in 2020.

River Crossing Productions, formerly Pahni Productions, is a production company founded by veteran feature films, shorts and documentary director Luisa Pretolani. Its mission is to bring to life inspiring stories about social and human issues.

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