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Robert Pattinson a singer? Over his dead body apparently

27 October 2010

Robert Pattinson fans know that he plays the undead as Edward Cullen in The Twilight Sagas, but none of them want to hear him talk about actually being dead. However that's what R Patz thinks it will take for his musical talents to be appreciated.

The 24 year old Twilight totty, sometimes dabbles in music, and was even rumoured to be taking the lead role in the new bio pic about Nirvana as the troubled front man Kurt Cobain. However he feels he will be appreciated long after he's gone, like most great artists, he was quoted as saying;

"I am sure I'll be one of those artists that people don't pay attention to while I'm alive, and when I'm dead people will go, 'yeah man, that was a work of art'.., I see myself playing in a rundown blues bar with about three people drowning their sorrows. I play according to my mood, and sometimes that can come across as very depressing in music.."

Well lets face it, the teens love depressing music, and his efforts were even included on the official Twilight soundtrack. Check out the link below to see the man himself singing the blues at the Whisky A Go Go club in LA 2008.